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Dating Mistakes That Could Be Holding You Back From Finding Love

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Looking For Love? Don’t Make These Dating Mistakes!  

Seeking Perfection 

Good looking, charming, sexy, great career, fit, adventurous, tall, brunette, PhD, great dresser, makes x amount of money, drives luxury automobile, etc. Does this person you imagine even exist? Having a list that is a mile long will only prevent you from being open enough to see who a person really is. Don’t seek the perfect person, seek the person perfect for you!  Figure out your core values and what you value in another person, lifestyle, sense of humor, honesty etc. Then know your non-negotiables and be open to the rest, often the person that is best for you comes in the most unexpected package,

Waiting For Someone Else To Make The First Move

There is nothing more sexy than confidence. Initiating contact, starting a conversation or simply saying “Hi” is really as easy as it sounds. If you are nervous or shy about approaching new people start incorporating it in to your everyday life. Smile, say “Hi” and make casual chit chat an everyday part of your life whether you are interested in the person or not. Soon it will be second nature to you, increasing your confidence and preparing you for easy conversation when the person that you are really attracted to comes along.

Limiting Your Online Dating Search Parameters

When it comes to age or anything physical, height, hair color etc. widen your search. This goes back to seeking perfection and knowing your non-negotiables. Choose what is important to you smoking, religion, etc., and keep the rest open. You’d be surprised at how many new options open up when you change the age even by a couple of years in either direction. Try 2 inches in height either way and 2 years in age either way.

Self Sabotoge

Overthinking, especially in early stages of dating is a recipe for disaster. Trying to read into someone’s texts or stalking their Facebook page will only cause you pain and worry. Dating is meant to be fun. Approach it with a sense of play and positivity. If at some point you feel like you aren’t getting clarity, ask for it.

Talk Less, Listen More

Often the person talking the most is learning the least. Tune into what that person is saying and ask pertinent questions. You will find out a lot about them and whether or not they are a good fit for you. In the early stages of dating keep your subjects light, and avoid any negative talk of past relationships. Create connection based on positivity ask questions about accomplishments, goals and dreams.

Ready to get serious about finding love?

If you want to find out more on how to find love that lasts, I want to hear from you! Contact me 778-848-7021 or deanna@dateworks.ca

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