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New Year, New Love? December 26th, Kicks Off The Busiest Time Of Year To Find Love Online

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The holiday season is fast approaching and if you’ve been caught up in the hustle and bustle and put your love life on the back burner I’ve got great news for you: there’s an online dating party and it’s coming your way this December.

After researching and collecting over 6 years of data eHarmony has found that December 26th kicks off the busiest time of year for online dating. That makes right here, right now the perfect time of year to prioritize your love life and get out there and online.


According to the eHarmony survey, December 26 through January have 2.27 times more registrations and communication requests sent than any other time of year. Which means when you take action and get online your chances of finding a real love connection is more than double that of any other time of year.


The first step to attracting a partner is a well written profile but knowing what to write can also be the hardest part for most people.  If you know what to write you don’t just attract someone, you inspire them by giving them a window into your world, your values and what it’s going to feel like to be in it.

What’s your profile saying about you? Who could you be attracting or unknowingly turning off? Can using specific words affect how a potential match will feel about you?

Yes, according to the eHarmony survey.

They found that some words in an individual’s profile resonated better with the opposite sex than others. For example, women who used “ambitious” for themselves, on average received 36% more communication requests than those who didn’t. Alternatively, men seemed to be less interested in profiles that included the word “spiritual” with only 1.1% of males resonating with the term.

In order to help Canadians write the perfect profile and take the plunge online they’ve put together a “language of love” list. This will make it much easier for you to choose the words that will work for you in your profile and also resonate well with potential partners.


For example men have a tendency to choose women who use words like respectful, dependable and easy-going, while women tend to choose men who describe themselves as caring, genuine and outgoing.

To clarify the word respectful, don’t confuse that with being subservient in some way. Men desire to be appreciated and respected for what they have accomplished in life. An example looks like, “I really admire and respect a man that is a leader in his community.” This lets him know that you’re looking for a confident man that has taken action and made a difference in the world and that you value him for that.


The New Year is a time for renewal, and looking for a fresh start with a loving partner is only natural. One of the things that really works for finding lasting love and especially for eHarmony is that members are matched based on core personality traits and values.

While immediate chemistry is desirable it can be blinding and fireworks fade, real passionate lasting love comes from creating a strong foundation. When you find a partner based on key core qualities your ensuring the probability of a long-lasting, meaningful relationship. Which in the end is goal, right? You can meet your perfect match over the holidays by visiting eharmony.ca

Wishing you a beautiful holiday season,

Deanna, XO

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