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Want To Up Your Online Dating Smarts?

Want To Up Your Online Dating Smarts?

These days we all feel like we are pretty savvy when it comes to online safety and no one wants to think that they could get taken advantage of. However, it’s easy for even the smartest people to get sucked in by an online dating scammer because they are masters of manipulation and creating emotional connections.

If you have ever seen the documentary or the MTV show Catfish you know there are a lot of people out there looking to make not so legitimate connections. Some are lonely and insecure and some pretend to be someone else because it’s a lot easier than being who they are. Others are trying to scam people for money or for simple entertainment because they like the attention.

So how can you be sure the person you’ve been connecting with is who they say they are? Here are some red flags to be aware of:

Too Good To Be True

Have a look at all the photos, anything that’s too glossy or posed is most likely pulled from online. Do a Google image search to find out where else it can be found. Alternatively, any photos that are fuzzy and look scanned from an old photo, are most likely hiding something that they are uncomfortable with, aging, weight gain, hair loss, etc.

Look for photos that seem recent and clear, there really isn’t any excuse for not having current photos, nearly everyone has access to a digital camera these days. They should have a range, some head shots and at least one full body, no hats or sunglasses. If there is any doubt in your mind ask them to snap a picture and send it to you. If they put it off or have an excuse why they can’t, they are most likely avoiding it for a reason.

Long Distance

There are some legitimate people that will message you from way out side of your area but in general if someone can’t meet you it gives them a more credible reason to continue messaging without added pressure. Ask them to Skype, if they have an excuse as to why they can only message, text or chat on the phone, they don’t want you to see them physically and that is a red flag.

Do They Create Sympathy

They will often start building a story as to job loss, problems with abusive exes, car accidents etc. then tell you they want to keep talking but they are going to have to cancel their phone, internet etc. They are basically asking you for money so they can continue your relationship together. A legitimate love interest is not going to bring up money or finances of any kind. Move on.

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