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Single? What Not To Do This Valentine’s Day

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The Single Girls Guide For What Not To Do This Valentines Day

With the holidays already a fading memory, I’m sure you’ve noticed the pink and red everywhere. Yes, it’s Valentine’s day. If you’ve been in a committed relationship for a while you’ve probably got it down pat and know what to expect, but if you’re single newly or otherwise, it can feel like an emotional roller coaster.

I know that it can be tough even if you think that you’ve got it all together, a part of you might be aching for that romantic connection that’s been missing from your life.

To help you avoid those emotional pitfalls, I’ve put together a guide for you on what NOT to do this Valentine’s Day:

Don’t Go On A First Date

Even if you’re a fairly even keeled and grounded person going on a first date on Valentine’s Day will pile on extra pressure and unrealistic expectations.  If you’re feeling like you’d rather be on a date than be alone, make a plan to have a girls night out, believe it or not Valentine’s Day can actually be one of the best days to meet single men.

Don’t Call Your Ex

Worst. Idea. Ever.

Thoughts of wanting to feel special and supported will naturally make you think of the last person you were with, often with rose colored glasses. Don’t let these clouded memories and wishful thinking of how good it could’ve have been “if only”, make you reach out to your past. Your ex is your ex for a reason, move forward and know that there is something better ahead for you.

Don’t Be A Hater

We’re constantly sending energetic messages out into the world around us. Hating on the day itself or on happy couples and ripping them apart to make yourself feel better, only affects you in the end. Negative energy attracts negative energy, drains you and ultimately will only make you feel worse. Likewise positive energy attracts positive energy. Start becoming aware of the mindset that you’re in. If you find your thoughts starting to wander to a negative place, stop and replace it with an intent to look at the situation more positively.

Don’t Let Being Single Define You

Valentine’s day can make you feel like there’s a big spotlight shining on you announcing to the world that yes you are single and alone, for many it’s not for the first time. But don’t let being single define you, a partner is great but doesn’t validate you as a worthy person.

There is nothing wrong with being single. The person you look at in mirror every day is the one that knows you the best and can make you the happiest.

Do you love you? Take some time to love who you are, write down at least 12 or more things you love about yourself and put them up somewhere you can read and connect with every day. The more you love and accept yourself, the more you will be loved and accepted by a future partner.

DO celebrate love.

Own it. Make the day about connecting with the feeling of love for yourself and for others that you’re grateful for in your life. Let friends and family know how much you appreciate them, babysit for a friend, make dinner for your parents, or get crafty and make a huge sparkly card for a kid.

When you spread the love around it will get you out of your head and shift you into a very positive place, especially when you see all the smiles of those you’ve made feel exceptional.

Finally, don’t forget to love on you. Treat yourself to something that makes you feel special, because you are amazing and worth loving.

Happy Valentines Day Beauties!




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