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What’s Your Love Blueprint?

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Did you know that you have your own personal Love Blueprint?

Like a computer program it’s always running in the background and unconsciously creating the experiences that you’re having in your love life today. It determines, the “how’s and why’s” of all your dating behaviors.

Including beliefs about yourself and what’s possible for you when it comes to finding love, patterns around men, dating and relationships and attracts MORE of that into your life.

Even if you don’t want it.

Imagine it like this, your Love Blueprint is like the GPS in your car, in a perfect world you enter in where you want to go and through the magic of the map programmed in its system, it gives you all the right turns and roads to take and you arrive safe and sound at your destination.

If the guidance system isn’t working, in this case, if you haven’t found love yet, it’s more like a GPS with virus running in the background. You think everything is working ok, it seems ok but underneath it all there’s actually something you don’t see controlling the outcome.

So no matter how many times you tell it to take you your destination in this case to love, marriage and family you always end up alone or attracting what you don’t want.

But here’s the good news, you have the power to rewrite your programming and create the love life you want.

The 5 Keys To Resetting Your Love Blueprint:

  1. Be intentional and make a decision that you will no longer let this programming ruin your love life!
  2. Create a crystal clear vision for your ideal love life and man
  3. Discover and release your biggest love blocks
  4. Create a Man Plan that works
  5. Take Inspired Action!

Here’s what you need to know: creating your new blueprint is a process and even though it took years to put it into place it doesn’t take years to see results, if you take the right steps to change it.

And to be successful, it requires you to actively participate to see changes.

That means you can’t just read a book, or watch a video or read about an exercise, you have to actually use the information, in the right way, that’s specific to you, so you create new patterns for your systems (energetic and physical) to run your new desired beliefs.

If you’re single and feel like you’ve been doing everything right but it’s still not working and you don’t have the man or relationship you want, it’s time to create a new Love Blueprint and plan that works!

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The Ready For Real Love Blueprint is a new way for you to reset your current programming so you have the exact steps to meet your high quality man, without settling.

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