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You Are Adored!!

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What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?

One of things that’s happened to me since becoming a Mom was that I actually started to enjoy Valentine’s Day again. Don’t get me wrong I was never Anti-Valentines Day, just kind of Meh about it, even though I had been in relationships, exchanged gifts etc, it never really did that much for me.

Becoming a Mom changed that, the amount of excitement my daughter feels just to be able to give and receive love to everyone around her is a blessing! It also took me back to my own school days, and how exciting Valentine’s Day was every year, it wasn’t about anything other than just having fun!

Now, I’m lucky enough to have a little bundle of love and it’s all about sweet kisses, handmade cards and a chocolate heart (or two!) and just all around L-O-V-E. I’m grateful for this!

I know that even the most bad-ass single girl who’s totally got her sh*t together can get shaken a little bit this time of year. With so much focus on being in a relationship you start to focus on what you don’t have instead of what you do have.

No matter what your current situation, we all have the power to choose our reality on a daily basis, including Valentine’s Day. We can be grateful for the little moments, gain a new perspective and choose how we want to perceive and experience the world.

So what if in that moment you started to spiral down into negativity and lack that you just decided to just shift a little bit and create a new reality? Make not just Valentine’s Day, but every day about love and connection no matter what your relationship status is right now?

What if you took it a step further and made it your mission to make your life about giving yourself more love and more connection every day?

Like really Blessing yourself with love?

We tend to think that love exists outside of us, that it will just happen for us, or we stay in a holding pattern waiting for happiness, love to find us, or for a man to commit to us.

The truth is, having the love you want, is actually a choice you make, it’s a decision and an action. If you want real love you must make choices in that direction everyday whether you’re in or out of a relationship.

If you’re single and waiting for love to happen, for a commitment or to find him I invite you to take a very loving and caring step towards meeting your needs today.

Because you aren’t alone, you are in a relationship, with a very amazing person that needs your love – Yourself!

Here’s where to start….

Write out a few things that you desire to feel and then brainstorm how you can meet that need for yourself right now. For example:

If you desire a commitment – Get out a piece of paper or buy yourself a card write a love note to yourself…. “I love you and I’m committed to making you feel honored, valued and giving you everything you need”.

If you desire celebration, connection and a fresh start –invite a few friends over for a girls night in with champagne and snacks, dress up and do a mini photo-shoot so you can update your online dating profile pictures.

If you want to be valued and appreciated: Commit to making self loving choices at all times, set healthy boundaries and release toxic people or relationships that no longer serve you.

Maybe you need solitude, healing and rest – Take a break from all electronics, and book a spa day that includes a massage and a session in a flotation tank.

Really the possibilities are endless!

Every step towards meeting your needs, and making self-loving choices – mind, body and soul, creates your reality and helps you attract more of that into your life, including a loving partner.

Sending you so much love right now!



Your Next Step

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