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Single Girl in The City – What To Do This Valentine’s Day

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It’s that time of year again, Cupid’s coming to town and suddenly you are aware that you are single. The good news is that instead of being alone you can create an opportunity to meet new people. Lady Luck is on your side, because if you head out to the …Read More

Ask A Dating Coach – Why Am I In The Friend zone?

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Why Am I In The Friend zone? “I never seem to have a problem getting dates, but when it comes to taking the relationship to another level, it always seems to be the same story with the women I meet. That I’m a great guy, but the attraction isn’t there …Read More

Your Core Values Checklist for Love – What Do you Really Want?

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Your Core Values Checklist for Love – What Do you Really Want? One of the first steps to attracting that perfect mate into your life is getting clear and knowing what you want, what you really want. Many people feel like love is just going to happen to them one …Read More

How Two Minutes Can Change Your Life

How Two Minutes Can Change Your Life, The Truth in Faking It Until You Make It. I’ve always been a big believer in the wisdom of the quote “what you think you become”.  In most situations that we are put in, and in my own experience, the successes we have …Read More

Ask a Dating Coach: Are People Addicted to Online Dating?

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Are People Addicted to Online Dating? Hi, Deanna. I’ve been online dating for the last 9 mths and have been on several dates. Before our date, texting and phone calls are great and when we meet the date goes wonderfully. At the end of the date we hug goodbye, the guy says …Read More

Out of the Box Date Ideas

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Out of the Box Dates that you will Actually Want to Go On Great dates are about building chemistry through shared experience. The best way to engage your date and build a physical and emotional connection is to try something new together. Dating should be fun, why not step out …Read More

Monday Inspiration

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What could you do today to bring more happiness into your life?

Solve Your Case of The Online Dating Message Blues

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Solve Your Case of The Online Message Blues – 5 Reasons You Aren’t Getting Replies to Your Online Dating Messages You’ve been online dating for a while now, you’re sending out plenty of messages and winks but aren’t getting the response that you expected. And why shouldn’t you? You’re good looking, …Read More

Monday Inspiration

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Is Chemistry Everything?

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Is Chemistry Everything? Chemistry in our relationships is highly desired by us all, but, is chemistry everything? When you think about all the people that you have had an intense, mind-blowing attraction to the moment you saw them, who were they and where are they now? Where they The One? Chances are …Read More