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The 5 Flirting Moves That No Man Can Resist

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5 Flirting Moves That No Man Can Resist

Flirting is an art and it’s not just about what you say to get his attention but also what you do. I happen to believe that most of us are born flirts, but over the years some keep their flirti-ness while others grow shy or forget it all together. No matter what your skill level is, being a great flirt is much easier than you might think. All you need are a few killer moves and he won’t know what hit him. Turning you into That Girl that no man can resist.

Its All In The Eyes

Strong eye contact is EVERYTHING and essential for creating connection. This move can feel bold so to get started you have to get into the right mindset. Think of something that makes you feel special, sexy and happy and it will radiate as warmth in your eyes. During conversation make regular eye contact but 1 or 2 times, hold his eyes a couple seconds longer than normal.

Increased eye contact releases a chemical in the brain called PEA, also known as the love hormone, phenylethylamine. And if you’re feeling nervous about being a brazen flirt, this one simple tip can take the edge off your own dating nerves by activating the chemicals in your brain too.



Men need clear signs that you’re interested. Lightly touch him as you talk, don’t be forceful or too physically aggressive as it could not only send mixed messages but can also be a turn off for many guys. The easiest way is to lightly touch his bicep, arm, shoulder or knee as you laugh or when making a point in conversation.

Smiling = Sexy!

People like people who like them, and smiling is a sure fire way to draw them in. Smile as you talk, let your warmth and feminine energy shine through. An inviting smile along with genuine interest in your date will have you glowing. And there is nothing sexier to a man than a radiant woman.

flirting-300x279Lip Service

The lips are major erogenous zones. As you chat, lightly lick your lips once or twice. Think subtle, not MTV Video! Almost imperceptible, a slight flick that comes out quickly goes back in. Or try biting your lower lip using your teeth to pull it in at the corner. A little cute, a little sexy no man can resist the lip bite.

Killer Move

Get in the right frame of mind by thinking of something that makes you feel sexy. Let your eyes soften so they get all liquidy and warm. Smile, toss your hair to the side and tilt your head to reveal your neck then lightly stroke it along the side. He will absolutely melt.

Keep in Mind

Strong eye contact is key for flirting and so is getting in the right frame of mind. The right mind set is the single most important thing you have because whatever you’re thinking and feeling on the inside will radiate on the outside. If you try out these moves I’d love to hear from you! Leave me a comment below.

Deanna, XO


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