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Solve Your Case of The Online Dating Message Blues

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Solve Your Case of The Online Message Blues – 5 Reasons You Aren’t Getting Replies to Your Online Dating Messages

You’ve been online dating for a while now, you’re sending out plenty of messages and winks but aren’t getting the response that you expected. And why shouldn’t you? You’re good looking, intelligent and fun! So why aren’t you getting those replies?

You Aren’t Writing a Wide Range of Matches

Are you being too picky? Maybe only sending a few messages a week and only to the most attractive people that you can find? It’s good to expand your horizons a little, have a “yes” and a “maybe” list and send messages to them all. People are more than a photo, the way a person moves, speaks and their charisma can only be experienced in person. Keep an open mind, in my experience many people fall for the person that isn’t typically their type.

Your Profile Needs Improvement

Having clear photos and writing an interesting profile is key. Boring text, bad photos, spelling mistakes, vagueness, negativity, and being self-deprecating or too picky is a turn off. Evaluate, rewrite and spell check, and if you are comfortable with it, ask a friend of the opposite sex for their take on it.

They Aren’t a Paying Member

Most paid dating sites allow anyone to sign up and create a profile but only paying members can message back. So just because you can see that someone has logged on recently doesn’t mean that they can respond to you.

They Are Busy

The person could very well be attracted to you but their calendar is full or maybe you got lost in their inbox. Online daters tend to be writing and dating multiple people so it may be a case of responding to you at a later date. If you really like the person, sending a follow up email in a few weeks just might get their attention.

Your Message Wasn’t Good Enough

What kind of message are you sending? Is it thoughtful or more like, “What’s sup?” “Hi!” Or the standard and very boring, “Great profile, we have a lot in common, check out mine and message me back.” Long messages are just as bad as short ones and will almost guarantee that it’s deleted without anyone reading it. Make sure that you are reading their profile, writing an interesting, witty but brief message and asking a question at the end to get the conversation going.

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