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Want to Receive More Messages? How To Write A Successful Online Dating Profile

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Want to Receive More Messages? How To Write A Successful Online Dating Profile

“I have been online dating for a couple of weeks, I get a lot of winks but so far not many messages. What should I write on my profile to increase my messages?” Karen, 32

When you are online dating essentially you are marketing yourself and that starts with having great pictures. They should be recent and clear, no hats or sunglasses. One selfie is okay, if you are really good at finding that great angle, never post shots of yourself in a mirror. Photos don’t have to be professionally done but they do have to look good, so if you need photos have a friend take a few for you. Post at least 3, 1 close up, 1 full body and another one can be you participating in an activity, skiing, hiking, cooking etc. Having an image of you doing something active is a great conversation starter.

When it comes to writing about yourself, keep the text short and sweet. A good rule of thumb is 2 paragraphs describing yourself and 1 describing what you are looking for in a partner. When you are writing think about what’s important to you, interests, goals and hobbies.

Show rather than tell. Use anecdotes and be descriptive as much as possible. Don’t just say you are “Adventurous”, write about the time you zip lined in South America, or surfed a 30ft wave in Hawaii. Stay away from cliché’s and lists, which come across as boring and sound like they could belong to anybody.

The Law of Attraction is to focus on what you do want, rather than what you don’t. Keep your language upbeat and positive, spell check, have a friend read it and offer feedback. Adding details, a question or call to action to the reader will also give them a starting point to begin a conversation with you.

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