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Let Love In Boot Camp – The 30 Day Romantic Reset Program

Do you feel stuck in your romantic life, continually dating the wrong guy or in the wrong relationship? Are you tired of not getting any dates or going on dates that go nowhere? Or maybe it’s relationships that seem to be going ok for a few months and then the guy vanishes? Do you feel that you are trying everything from listening to well-meaning friends and family to reading dating books, only to feel more confused than ever?

You are smart, successful and fun, so why are you still single? Are you ready to start making some changes in your life, leave behind old frustrations and patterns and start something new? Something you’ve never tried before? Shake things up, be proactive and make active choices and changes in your life?

This program is for you.

In 30 days you will detox from the dating habits that have been keeping you frustrated, stuck and single and reset your romantic life. This isn’t a band aide solution, it’s a program that works. You will learn new insights into dating and communicating. You will be filled with the confidence to create a happier, more fulfilling and more engaged life.

You Will:

checkGo on a Dating Detox and hit your Romantic Reset button.

check Get a crystal clear vision of what you want in a relationship and stop wasting your time on unavailable men.

checkLearn how to create love and stop waiting for it to just happen to you.

checkBreak free from the destructive patterns that have been keeping you from meeting the right men.

check Discover the #1 quality that men are attracted to, hint: it’s not what you think!

check Flirting Tips – Learn how to meet and attract quality men in your everyday life.

checkGain freedom from over analyzing your dates –  feeling like you could have done something better or wondering what you did wrong.

check Understand online dating, what attracts men and how to find a quality man online.

checkLearn modern dating tips and techniques, these are dating tools not rules!

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“The experience was new and rewarding, at first I didn’t know what to expect but after working together things started clicking for me. I realized that I had so many beliefs that were holding me back and I now have the tools to make healthy choices. You can’t get what you want until you know what you want, I feel that I’m finally happy and on the right path, thank you!” Megan

What You Get:

checkOne on One 60 min. Boot Camp Sessions that will get you out of your romantic rut and on the road to creating an amazing lifestyle.

checkOnline profile analysis.

checkA 30 minute Pre-assessment Dating Strategy Session to clarify your goals, before we even begin.

checkOngoing high priority email follow up during the 30 days.

checkExercises designed to challenge you and create the life you want instead of waiting for it to just happen to you.

checkExpert advice, support and accountability, I will tell you what you need to hear, not just what you want to hear.

checkThe confidence you need to create a life you love!


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