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Women’s Love & Dating Coaching

What would your love life look like if you had invested more in learning about love, how to find it and keep it?

We aren’t born learning how to successfully date and create relationships. We learn as we go and through trial and error. Sometimes finding success, and if you are like many single women out there mostly not.

If you’ve been single for a long time, you know that you can have a great life with all the perks. A successful career, amazing  friends and family, but if your dating and love life isn’t right? Nothing feels right.

The create don’t wait approach: How many people do you meet in a week? In a month? In a year? Out of those how many are high quality men? If you need a job, do you sit home on the couch watching TV hoping that a job is just going to find you or do you go out and find one?

Finding love is the same thing, the old myth that love is just going to happen to you one day is just that, a myth.

It’s growing, exploring new situations, and embarking on new adventures that are going to the destination that you really want your life to be. Love doesn’t just all of sudden come to you while you do nothing, change comes when you take action!  

Love Coaching is designed to give Smart, Successful Women the lifelong skills to find, attract and marry the man of her dreams. As a Love and Dating Coach, I am a specialist in helping women just like you.

I will get to the core of your issues, desires, beliefs and solve your biggest challenges with dating, men and relationships on all levels. Emotionally, Spiritually and Practically.


When You Work With Me As Your Love and Dating Coach You Will…

checkDiscover why you have struggled with love relationships up until now and what’s holding you back from finding a healthy, happy relationship.

checkDevelop your Irresistibility and create a dramatically more magnetic you. My job is to help you become the most attractive, sexy and confident version of yourself that you can be.

check We will get to the bottom of why you are still single and break the cycle of your limiting beliefs and negative programming to receive the relationship of your dreams.

check Identify destructive patterns from past relationships and eliminate them forever.

checkDevelop your dating skills, make a great first impression that gets you asked out again and again and become desirable to high-quality, attractive men.

checkEvery Woman has natural sex appeal learn what attraction is and increase your sense of value, irresistibility and natural desirability.

checkHow to identify the key qualities and characteristics that reveal if a man is capable of creating and sustaining an intimate relationship.

checkBecome a more confident and sexy you, and how to follow your own path, so you are able to attract better quality partner.

checkOnline profile building, how to create a profile that will attract the high quality man that you want.


How We Work Together

One-on-One Private Coaching is designed to fit your lifestyle so no matter where you are in the world.  We can connect over the phone, over Skype or Zoom .

The women I work with leave the program with all the necessary skills, strategies and confidence to achieve total dating success.

The Next Step

Contact me for your free consultation where we will identify your needs, further discuss the coaching process and how we will create your perfect path to love.

To schedule your complimentary Ready For Love consultation connect with me at 778-848-7021 or email me at

Our Programs

young happy couple in summer holiday vacation summertime

Find Your Path To Love

Private 1 on 1 sessions with Deanna as your coach. You will understand dating, attraction and how to grow and become the version of you that shines.

Attract high quality men that will pursue and commit to you

You will build genuine dating confidence and lifelong relationship skills.  

We will get to heart of why you are single, break destructive patterns, and free you from fears that have been holding you back.

You will learn how to attract, date and create lasting relationships, take control of your life and create the love you deserve.

 “For the first time, I feel that I have clarity and I’m in a healthier place with myself and dating. I feel motivated and hopeful, I’m so excited about getting out there again!”  Michelle

Carefree and freedomDating Bootcamp – 30 Day Romantic Reset Program

You are smart, successful and fun, so why are you still single? In just 30 days you will detox from the dating habits that have been keeping you frustrated, stuck and single and reset your romantic life. This isn’t a band aide solution, it’s a program that works. You will learn new insights into dating and communicating. You will be filled with the confidence to create a happier, more fulfilling and more engaged life.

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“I can’t say enough good things about my experience, the process works. Thank you!” Emily

Portrait of a young woman smiling on white couchAuthentic Love Now

Imagine what your life might be like if you got what you wanted from dating and relationships?

You can create the life and love that you want and deserve. Step Into Love will help you gain the confidence you need to succeed, meet and date the quality man you want. You will get clear on who you are, what you are looking for and learn how to create your love story. You will learn how to be a better partner, communicator, gain confidence and create attraction with the opposite sex.

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“I have nothing but great things to say about my experience with Deanna and her coaching. Before meeting her I had pretty much tried everything from dating books to matchmakers and was frustrated. After the program I have learned how to get in the right mindset, get rid of self-destructive dating habits and am more confident than ever.” Kat