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Dateworks Men’s Signature One on One Personal Coaching Plan

Designed for men who want to get into their Attraction Powerzone and achieve total success with women.  When we work together, you will develop the skills you need to have an active and exciting dating life filled with quality women, and meet and attract the perfect woman! Executives and professional athletes have coaches to make sure they’re at the top of their game, why should you be any different?

Working with me isn’t based on gaming anyone or awkward techniques, it’s based on your inner confidence and natural attraction. We will work together to create your personal action plan. The three main areas we will focus on and develop are Mindset, Mechanics and Action. After working together you will have broken through all your barriers and developed all the dating, attraction and communication skills to create lasting relationships with the women that you want.

Love doesn’t just all of sudden come to you while you do nothing, change comes when you take action!  Growing, new situations, new adventures will all take you to the destination that you really want your life to be.

 “I was always very shy approaching women, what really helped was learning more about my own anxieties and how they played out. I have since changed my thought patterns and become more positive about myself. After working with you I’m feeling more secure in not only approaching but flirting with women.” Thomas


Designed to Give You A More Active, Exciting Dating And Social Life, Coaching Is Intended To:

  • Develop Core Self Confidence, Self-Image & Identity. Provide an insider’s view to understanding what attracts women, and how to build, enhance, and sustain that attraction over time.
  • Increase Heightened Desirability, Sex Appeal and all-over Attractiveness. Develop your ability to communicate, connect with & attract women, especially attractive, high-quality women that you want to meet.
  • Learn how to stay out of the “Friendzone” for good.
  • Develop Chemistry & Flirting skills. You will learn flirting tips and how to build instant rapport and chemistry effortlessly.
  • Overcome the classic “nice guy” syndrome and develop assertiveness and learn the Masculine, High Value Male traits that women seek out.
  • Online profile building, how to maximize your profile, flirt and create messages that will attract the high quality woman that you want.
  • Masterful Dating Skills: How to build dating and meeting new women into your lifestyle easily, naturally and make it enjoyable. Where and how to meet attractive, single, quality women in your day to day life. You will learn how to read signals, how to plan and prepare the perfect date, dating do’s and don’ts, how to act on dates as well as inbetween dates in order to succeed with women.
  • Successful Relationship Skills: You will learn how to develop and maintain a successful, loving relationship and sustain attraction and excitement over time.

My One-on-One Private Coaching is designed to fit my clients lifestyle so no matter where you are in the world, we can connect over the phone or with Skype and Tele-conferencing. The men I work with leave the program with all the necessary skills, strategies and confidence to achieve total dating success with women.

The Next Step:

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“Prior to meeting Deanna, I had been out of the dating game for a solid 3 1/2 years to focus on my business. It was much harder to jump back into the pool than I had imagined. Over the 8 weeks, Deanna helped me gradually overcome some of the obstacles in my own head. Her exercises really helped shift some of my perspectives on what modern dating is as well as locking in some of the habits for effective dating. I’m still a work in progress, but she had somehow brought out the fun in me again. :)” – Kenny