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Coaching For Smart, Successful Singles

What is working with a Love and Dating Coaching about? In a word RESULTS! Using The Authentic Love Method you will get The Roadmap to finally breakthrough your Love Blocks and learn everything it takes to go from “Hello” To being in the deeply committed and passionate relationship of your dreams.

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Love + Dating Advice

How To Meet Single Men On Valentine’s Day

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While it often feels like Valentine ‘s Day is reserved for couples in a romantic relationship, there’ s actually plenty of opportunities to meet other single people. Yes ladies, it ‘s true. Though its seems counter intuitive you can actually meet single men on Valentines Day. Another bonus, if you head out to the right spots your chances of meeting a married man or guy with a girlfriend is pretty much zero.
Here’ s How To Meet Single

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50 Love affirmations to attract your soulmate

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We become what we think about the most, and what you think, feel and experience when you ‘re dating will reflect this too. If you’re looking for The One, but not having much luck learning how to use affirmations can help. Positive affirmations are powerful tools that you can use to attract what you want more of, into your life. Including love. If you’ re experiencing roadblocks on

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10 Warning signs of a player, not a keeper

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If you ‘ve been single and dating in the last few years, chances are you or one of your friends, has had a close encounter with a player. With some of these guys, it’ s easy to see the warning signs right away. They ‘ve got cheesy pick up lines and a vibe that just screams “I’ m all about the game life “- trying just a little too hard.

But others are masters of manipulation and aren’t so easy to spot. Causing even the savviest of women to miss the signs, and in the end leaving them confused and heartbroken.

Has this ever happened to you?

He was handsome, well-spoken, successful and charming, from the minute you met, you feel special and completely swept off your feet!

It was such a nice change to finally meet a confident man that you have chemistry with AND knows how to treat you like a lady.

When you spend time together it feels great, yet other times it can be confusing, he can be distant, and there’s a feeling that just won’t go away…. you can’t help but wonder if something is off…

Starting to ask yourself, what the signs are that he’s genuine or that he’s playing mind games with you…

Here’s your definitive list, that he’s a player, not a keeper and it might just be time to let him go…

The Player will come on strong, and in total control. Dressed impeccably, he makes you feel beautiful and that he’s totally blown away by you, he’s even charming and engaging with your friends. You notice that he exudes confidence and has no problem talking to multiple women.

Most men are terrified of rejection, even the successful ones that have a lot of confidence can be a bit on the shy side when it comes to approaching women in public. A man that’s relationship material, will want to be respectful of you and will be looking for a sign that it’s OK for him to approach you.  When you connect, he won’t be a smooth talker because he’s used to being in a relationship, not out every night chatting up women.

He’s in the habit of texting you at the last minute, usually way to late to get dinner, so instead you should ” just come over

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  • "I can't say enough about Deanna and her coaching sessions; I am so happy I came across her information because she's really helped transform me. I was wholeheartedly ready for a relationship but wasn't able to pinpoint how I needed to adjust my thought process in terms of dating. She has helped me every step of the way and then some! If you're feeling lost with relationships/dating, she's the one! Now I feel like I am ready to step into an adult relationship with more confidence and I have never been more sure of what I want."

    Ashley, 30

  • "Prior to meeting Deanna, I had been out of the dating game for a solid 3 1/2 years to focus on my business. It was much harder to jump back into the pool than I had imagined. Over the 8 weeks, Deanna helped me gradually overcome some of the obstacles in my own head. Her exercises really helped shift some of my perspectives on what modern dating is as well as locking in some of the habits for effective dating. I'm still a work in progress, but she had somehow brought out the fun in me again. :)"

    Kenny, 36

  • “I feel more confident knowing that even the smallest changes can make big differences in creating the happiness that we all want and deserve.”

    Catherine, 38, Vancouver, BC

  • "Before working with Deanna I took every single failed attempt at dating very personally while forgetting about my needs and wants. I learned the importance of putting myself first, setting boundaries and that guys need a little coaxing by way of flirting!"

    Ashley, 28

  • “Engaging, wise and professional, Deanna's insights made me see that getting the relationship I want is possible, I feel free and more open to new people and experiences.”

    Alison, 35 , Vancouver, BC

  • “I was always very shy approaching women, what really helped was learning more about my own anxieties and how they played out. I have since changed my thought patterns and become more positive about myself. After working with you I'm feeling more secure in not only approaching but flirting with women.”

    Thomas, 36, Vancouver, BC

  • "Following my divorce, Deanna was my motivator during a challenging and transitional period of my life. Her direction, understanding and intuition, encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone and meet new people. I now feel more self-assured in unfamiliar situations and am enjoying meeting new people and having fun dating again."

    Richard, 42, Vancouver, BC

  • "I first came to you after a series of failed relationships and dating guys that just didn’t cut it. Through the process I learned what I was looking for and I have grown to respect myself more and have standards and expectations in my relationships. Having you as my Dating Coach was a very rewarding experience and I’m now dating a guy that does measure up, thanks for all your help."

    Robin, 28, Vancouver, BC

  • "After 14 years of marriage, I found myself single again. Although I’d never thought of myself as shy, I found it very hard to get out and meet new people. With Deanna’s coaching and leadership, my social interactions have improved dramatically. The weekly sessions motivated me to take action, meet deadlines and take the initiative in my life. I now have more self-confidence in social situations and learned new conversational skills. Having a coach sent me in the right direction and helped to keep me on the path to success."

    David, 37

  • "I came looking to get help with my online dating profile, I had been on OkCupid, Match and POF for months without any luck. After working with Deanna my profile has turned out to be way more than I expected. I am now getting more replies and meeting the people that I want to meet."

    Kris, 35

  • "Your coaching has paid off, and in more ways than I could have anticipated! I am so glad that I took the steps to work with you. You are incredibly supportive and I have made so many important shifts and changes in my life."

    Ken, 43

  • "I have enjoyed the process, I have literally changed my life and you are the catalyst who made it happen! So thankful to have found you!"

    Laura, 32