is chemistry everything in a relationship

Should Chemistry Be Everything In A Relationship?

Having chemistry in a relationship is highly desired by us all. But, is chemistry everything? When you have it does it mean that this person is “The One”, and that your long term relationship happiness is guaranteed?

When you think about all the people that you have had an intense, mind-blowing attraction to the moment you saw them. Who were they, and where are they now? Did they turn out to be “The One”? Chances are the answer is no.

Yet, somehow we continue to romanticize the idea that when we meet a potential partner there should be instant sparks or they aren’t our match. But that just isn’t so.

An initial spark of chemistry doesn’t mean that your relationship will last. Or that it will be meaningful or healthy.

More often than not, intense physical attraction really only means one thing, that you have great physical chemistry. Nothing more. Though this type of immediate attraction can completely take us over. Intoxicating us, misleading our hearts and brains into thinking that there is something more there.

Unfortunately, for most of us there isn’t anything past that. Furthermore, relying solely on chemistry can often be a slippery slope to destination heartbreak.

You may find yourself jumping in head first. Getting physical before knowing much about the other person. Then, by the time you find out that you aren’t suited for each other, it’s often too late. You’re in too deep and most of the time end up with your heart broken wondering what went wrong.

How important is chemistry in a relationship?

Well let’s face it, chemistry is pretty damn important! But it’s not everything. And it’s not always there the moment you see them either. The truth is your perfect mate could be just like any other person you meet. Where sometimes you immediately click, and sometimes you become close overtime.

What other qualities are essential to you in your relationship besides chemistry?

One of the keys to getting the happy, healthy, loving relationship that you want. Is finding out if the person holds the qualities that you most value. It requires slowing things down and getting to know each other on multiple levels. Be there immediate chemistry or not.

This is made up of qualities like, friendship, compatibility, similar values, a positive outlook, lifestyle, sense of humor, and authenticity. All of which are all important to a relationships long term success.

The truth is that the romantic chemistry that you build gradually, while you get to know someone. Is the real magic in creating the fulfilling partnership that you desire.

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