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Is Chemistry Everything?

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Is Chemistry Everything?

Chemistry in our relationships is highly desired by us all, but, is chemistry everything? When you think about all the people that you have had an intense, mind-blowing attraction to the moment you saw them, who were they and where are they now? Where they The One? Chances are the answer is no.

Yet, we continue to romanticize the idea that when we meet a potential partner there should be instant sparks or they aren’t our match. More often than not, intense physical attraction really only means one thing, that you have great physical chemistry, nothing more. This type of immediate attraction takes over, intoxicating us, misleading our hearts and brains into thinking that there is something more there. Unfortunately, for most of us there isn’t anything past that. We jump in getting physical before knowing much about the other person. By the time we find out that we actually aren’t suited for each other, it’s too late, we are in too deep and we pay the consequences.

So is how important is physical chemistry? Well let’s face it, pretty damn important! However, it’s not always there the moment you see them. The truth is your perfect mate could be just like any other person you meet, sometimes you immediately click, sometimes you become close overtime.

One of the keys to getting the relationship you want is finding out if the person holds the qualities that you value. It requires slowing things down and getting to know each other on multiple levels. What other qualities are essential to you? Friendship, compatibility, similar values, a positive outlook, lifestyle, sense of humor, and authenticity are all equally important. The romantic chemistry that you build gradually while you get to know someone is the real magic in creating the partnership you desire.

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