great out of the box date ideas

Out of the Box Date Ideas (That You Will Actually Want To Go On)

Creative Out-of-the-box date night ideas for couples that want to mix it up!

Great dates are about building chemistry through shared experience. The best way to engage your date and build a physical and emotional connection is to try something new together. Dating should be fun! So why not step out of your dinner and a movie rut and build your own adventure together, with these great out of the box date night ideas.

Out Of The Box Date Ideas

#1 – The Taste Test Date

Conduct a taste tasting. Chose a random cocktail that you’re both into, like a Whiskey Sour or Sidecar and go to three different places to see which you like best. If you aren’t into drinking you can substitute it with something else, like a cupcake from three different bakeries.

#2 – The Selfie Date

The couple that takes selfies together, stays together. Choose a theme, beaches, bridges, public art or tourist attractions in your city and spend the day taking selfies together in front of them

#3 – Outdoor Festival or Cinema

Especially great in the summer, every city is loaded with evening markets, outdoor art and music festivals and summer movies in the park. If you are going to an outdoor movie, get in a little bonding time and go for a walk first, shop together for a picnic or a nice bottle of wine to bring with you.

#4 – The Arcade Date

Head to the Arcade, you may feel slightly awkward walking into a store full of kids but silly is fun. Within minutes the rest of the world will melt away and the inner child will take over. Pick 5 games and have a competition, the winner gets to choose the prize bought with the combined tickets.

Makes for a fun and easy weekday date night idea, if you’re looking for something to do with your partner during the week.

#5 -The Karaoke Bar

Now is the time for all those years of singing in the shower to finally pay off.  Nothing beats a karaoke bar for fun, people watching and surprises, your date may even blow you out of the water with their incredible vocals.

Unique Date Night Ideas

#6 – The Google Date

This is for the adventurous, each person picks two action verbs or activities, plus two areas within your city and two food items. Take your options and randomly string them together. It will look something like this “Pool + Italian + Vancouver”. Next type your phrase into Google, then pick your favorite options and head out for your big adventure.

#7 -Be Tourist In Your City

Even if you been living in the same city for years, it’s most likely that you haven’t had a chance to hit up all the great places your city has to offer. Visit a location that neither of you has been to before, take a walking tour of the hidden city or spend the day on the hop on off bus.

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