Date Night Ideas

110 Cute Date Night Ideas (Ultimate List For Couples)

110 fun date night ideas for couples. The ultimate list of cute, romantic, unique, creative, affordable date ideas and date activities. Perfect for evenings out and home date nights too!

Let’s face it, coming up with good date ideas that go beyond the typical dinner and a movie can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. So, if you want to break out of your date night rut and spark romance but aren’t sure what to do.

Then look no further than our ultimate date night list of the absolute best date activities for couples. We have over 100 ideas for you and with so many choices, you’ll never be bored again!

Best Date Night Ideas

100 Date Night Ideas

Below we are sharing with you not only 100 date night ideas but 110! Because well, you can never have too many good ideas on hand. Wether you’re looking for date night ideas that are fun and romantic, or spontaneous, and unique we’ve got you covered. You’ll also find ideas for affordable evenings out or at home.

Plus the best classic date night ideas, ideas for double dates and perfect seasonal date night activities to inspire you. Enjoy!

Romantic Date Night Ideas

If you and your honey are up for some new and exciting date ideas? Then we’ve got you covered! Below are our favorite romantic date night ideas.

1. Hit Up A Champagne Bar

For a romantic date idea, that goes beyond the average dinner at a restaurant then why not head to a champagne bar? These establishments are often super glamorous and bustling with people. They offer delicious food options (oysters anyone?) and drinks alike.

Plus, who can resist dressing up, and sipping on a glass of bubbly, while admiring the beautiful scenery and excellent people watching.

Romantic date night ideas near me

2. Go Salsa or Flamenco Dancing

Spend the evening salsa or flamenco dancing with your special someone. Besides being super sexy, these popular dance styles are notoriously fun, easy to learn and will definitely get your heart racing.

Not to mention, that you’ll also connect with your partner in a whole new way. All while having a blast together!

3. Go To A Jazz Club

There’s something about a jazz club that just sets the tone for a romantic evening out. Besides the soothing music, jazz clubs have a certain special ambiance. Which makes for a more charming and intimate evening over all.

4. Visit A Vineyard

What could be more romantic than visiting a vineyard with your main squeeze? Not only will you have the opportunity to taste some of the region’s best wines, but you’ll also get to see some beautiful scenery. And maybe even discover a new favorite wine while you’re there.

5. Take An Evening Carriage Ride

An evening carriage ride is one of those classic date ideas that stands the test of time, but you’ve probably never even considered. So, if you want to add a touch of old school romance to your night. Then nothing beats a carriage ride with that special someone.

Plus, if you’re lucky enough to catch a beautiful sunset while out on your trip, it will definitely add an extra dash of charm to your overall experience!

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6. Check Out A Drive-in Movie Theater

For a date night that is both charming and memorable, then head to a movie at a drive-in theater. There’s something very cool about sitting in a car with your partner all snuggled up together that feels special. Whether you’re looking to catch a new release or an old favorite, there’s sure to be a drive-in theater near you that will fit the bill.

7. Treat Yourselves

Go for a dessert-themed date that will leave you satisfied and smiling. For this date idea, you can hit up a fancy hotel with a dessert bar. Or create a treat themed scavenger hunt through your city. For example you can pick ice cream or chocolate, then go to for tastings at different spots around town. After all, who doesn’t love dessert?

8. Have A Sunset Picnic

You, your boo (or soon to be boo), a picnic and a sunset? Let the romance begin! Seriously though, there is a reason that sunset picnics are a classic date night idea. It’s hard to beat enjoying nature together in a beautiful and intimate setting. All you need for a lovely evening, is a simple charcuterie-esque spread, some fabulous wine, a few blankets and of course each other.

And if you want to level-up the romance factor even more, then ask each other a few of these romantic questions for couples.

9. Go On A Stargazing Date

An evening spent stargazing together can be a wonderful experience. Just you and your sweetheart indulging in some romantic conversation under a blanket of twinkling stars in the night sky.

What’s nice is that this date is also really easy! Because, no matter where you live, there are plenty of places across the country that make ideal spots for stargazing. Also depending on the time of year, each location has its own unique charm too. For example spring is an excellent time to see certain clusters of meteor showers.

If you need a little help identifying the constellations, there’s an app for that! Checkout SkyView Lite or Star Walk for your own personal guide to the stars.

Fun Date Night Ideas

Looking for fun things to do for date night? Whether you want an idea that’s spontaneous or a little more planned. These fun evening date activities will have you and your partner laughing and enjoying each other’s company all night long:

10. Play Tourist In Your Own Town

When you live in the same city for along time, it’s easy to take it for granted. But if you’re ever lucky enough to leave and explore other parts of the world, you quickly realize just how special and unique each place is. So why not do the same thing with your own hometown?

Whether you want to check out your local markets and shops, or visit a new to you tourist attraction, or neighbourhood. There’s probably no shortage of cool and interesting places to see. So why not give it a try? You might be surprised at how much fun you can have exploring your own backyard!

11. Take A Mixology Class Together

Check out a mixology class with your sweetheart and explore the art of bartending together. Mixology classes are a fun way to learn about different types of drinks, ingredients, tools, and more. With a little practice, you can soon be mixing the perfect signature cocktail for any occasion.

12. Go Appetizer Hopping

We’ve all heard of bar hopping so why not try appetizer hopping! All you have to do is hit up a few of your tried and true places, or mix it up by choosing a few new ones. Then share some appies at each one. You can also make it interesting and add to the fun times by ordering a different cocktail for each other as you go a long.

13. See A Stand Up Comedy Show

Spend an evening laughing with your date at stand-up comedy club! Most days of the week you can find stand-up shows that range from amateur and open mic nights. To shows with professional comedians. Whatever you chose, these shows are the perfect option if you’re looking to get away from the everyday stresses of life and have a few laughs with your significant other.

14. Sing Your Heart Out At A Karaoke Night

Dazzle your date with your amazing (or not so amazing?!) vocal stylings at a karaoke night. You can spend your evening at a traditional karaoke bar or find a karaoke night at a local pub near you. Even if you opt not to sing. Karaoke bars are always a great time and the people watching is second to none.

15. Hit Some Balls At A Driving Range

If you’re looking for something new and fun to do on date night, driving ranges are a great option! Even if only one of you (or neither of you) aren’t experienced golfers, you can still have a great time together.

If you’re both not that great you can laugh and bond over about how ridiculous you look. And if you’re both fairly good, then you can up the ante and have a friendly competition. Either way your night will be win win!

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16. Take An Italian Cooking Class Together

Whether it’s your 3rd date or your 333rd date, taking a cooking class together is a fun way to spend time with your partner. It allows you to work together with a common goal, and it can be incredibly intimate. It also allows you to see your partner in a whole new light and you walk away with a new skill set to-boot!

17. Do A Food Truck Tour

Instead of going for a traditional 5 course meal why not try something a little different and do a food truck date night. It’s a blast driving to all the different destinations that the trucks are parked at. And it’s also a cool way to sample a variety of different foods from all around the world from a new perspective.

18. Visit A Craft Brewery

Spend the evening at a craft brewery together. Whether you’re new to the artisanal beer scene or just looking for a cool date idea. Breweries offer a great way to enjoy some quality time with your partner.

You can take a tour of the facilities. Then try some specialty beers and nibbles as you chat and enjoy each other’s company. Craft breweries are trending right now. So no matter where you live there’s sure to be one close by that you can check out. Plus, who knows? You might even find a new favorite beer!

19. Play Laser Tag

Is it for kids? Nope! The truth is that laser tag can be a lot of fun at any age. It’s also the perfect way to get you out of a boring date night routine and have some laughs together.

Unique Date Night Ideas

The best dates are often the ones that are the most creative and unexpected. For some unique date night ideas, that won’t make you feel like you’re doing the same old thing. Then make your night memorable with one of these fun and interesting activities:

20. Hit Up A Speakeasy

For a cool and unique date night check out a speakeasy with your paramour. These hidden bars are perfect for couples that want to experience some old-school mystique and excitement. From the sleek, dark interiors to the nostalgic feel of drinking in an old-fashioned yet, glamorously-gritty lounge, these bars offer something for everyone.

Plus, who doesn’t love a little mystery?

21. See A “Secret” Concert

Secret concerts are an exciting way to spend an evening. Not only do they keep things interesting, but they can be really unique experiences too. They’re also an ideal date night option for couples looking for an alternative to a typical dinner and a movie date.

For ideas of where to find a secret concert near you. Check out resources like Sofar Sounds. Where you can find a vast array of listings with surprise concerts in cities all across the country.

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22. Take A Guided Ghost Tour

If you and your Boo like to explore the spooky and supernatural then check out a ghost tour on your next evening out together. Ghost tours can be highly entertaining if you’re on the hunt for a cool seasonal or fall date night idea. But really they don’t have to be limited to a special season or occasion.

There are many guided haunted house and ghost tours available in most cities year round. These interactive experiences can be a lot of fun for couples. They also offer a unique perspective on the local history and folklore associated with the haunted locations too.

And because they’re available year round, it means that you don’t have to wait until it’s officially spooky season to get your heart racing. Check your local listings for a guided ghost tour near you.

23. Try Axe Throwing

Yes, throwing axes is actually a thing now. So if it’s never crossed your mind, especially as a date idea, but sounds intriguing. Then now’s your chance to have an out-of-the-box date night with your sweetheart!

This unique activity is perfect for couples looking to spice up their night and bond while having a cool experience. It’s also a great option for couples on a first date, for double dates or for long term or married couples too! Plus, it’s sure to be memorable!

24. Take On An Escape Room

Are you a couple that loves puzzles and challenges? If so, escape rooms are definitely the perfect date night idea for you! These unique indoor activities involve solving puzzles to get out of a room, and they can be really entertaining and exciting to do together. Locked room adventures are available in most cities all over the country so you’re sure to find one near you.

One thing to keep in mind though, is that I don’t recommend this as a first date night idea. As there are just way to many factors (like being in a locked room with a complete stranger) that don’t make it an ideal first date.

So save this activity until you’ve had a least a few dates. And you feel safe, comfortable and know each other better.

25. Check Out A Murder Mystery Dinner

Dinner plus a night of mystery and intrigue? Sounds like the perfect way to get your heart racing! If you’re a couple that’s looking for something unique and exciting to do on your next date night then definitely check out a murder mystery dinner.

These shows offer dinner and lively evening entertainment that is sure to keep you guessing until the very end. From elaborate sets and costumes to thrilling plots and suspenseful music. These events provide a truly unique experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

26. Take An Underground Tour Of Your City

If you’re on the hunt for a date night idea that’s cool and unusual then look no further than the ground beneath your feet. Via an underground tour of your city! These tours are an interesting way to learn about a city’s history and also get a glimpse into some of the lesser-known areas. Whether you’re in a small town or bustling metropolis, there’s likely a hidden gem just waiting to be discovered by you and your love.

27. Travel Back In Time At A Renaissance Fair

Attending a Renaissance Festival together is a fun date idea for couples looking for an unusual experience. Yes, at first the thought of it can be somewhat cheesy. But we say who cares! These events are always a good time, and they’re a cool way to get out and see some unique sights. From music and entertainment to food and art, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

28. Take A Sunset Helicopter Ride

A helicopter ride is such a crazy and cool date idea and it’s actually more affordable that you may think. (So maybe not so crazy after all?) Whether you’re in the mood for an adrenaline rush or simply want to see some amazing views. You’ll both walk away with an unforgettable date night experience that you can cherish as a couple for years to come.

Cute Date Night Ideas

When you want a cute date idea, it’s time to think out-of-the-box with some creativity! Surprise your partner with one of these cute and completely adorable date activities for two:

29. Visit A Cat Café

If you and your partner love animals, then why not head to a cat café on your next date night. These cafés are great places to spend time with your partner. You can chat and enjoy some nibbles with a great cup of coffee or tea. As well as, the company of some adorable cats.

30. Go Disco Roller Skating

Roller skating together is such a cute date night idea! It’s a great way to get your heart racing and have some laughs while bonding with your partner. Plus, it’s just adorable when couples go skating together.

Many rinks have different theme nights to choose from. So for a unique date night option, check out a roller disco night! You can dress up in the nostalgic disco theme and grove to some cool 70’s music together.

31. Create A Masterpiece Together

Paint and sip nights are a fun way to spend a date night exploring your creative side while spending some quality time together. They also make a great date idea for a low-key first date and for long-term or married couples too.

You can find paint and sip events at local pubs, lounges or private art studios near you. The best part is that they are usually very affordable. As tickets often include all your art supplies and even a glass of wine to get you started! Plus you each get to walk away with your very own work of art!

32. Have A Desserts Only Picnic

Instead of having a traditional picnic at the park why not make desserts the main attraction! Stop by a bakery and pick up a fancy assortment of treats. Then head to the park with your loved one for a desserts only picnic. Don’t forget the blankets and drinks.

33. Stage A Mini Photo Shoot

For this inexpensive cute date night idea, simply choose a neighbourhood to explore or a specific theme. For example beaches, public art or tourist attractions in your city. Then spend the evening taking photos as a couple together in front of them.

You end up with some wonderful insta-worthy photos. That will remind you of the great night that you had laughing and being silly together.

34. Visit A Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin patches are a fun place to take your sweetie on a fall evening. Not only will you be able to see all of the beautiful pumpkins, but you can also take some cool couple photos for The Gram.

35. Go For Rooftop Drinks At Sunset

There’s nothing like sipping cocktails with your sweetheart as the sun sets across the sky that brings those romantic date night vibes. Definitely a lovely way to spend an evening with your someone special.

36. Have A Chocolate Tasting Adventure

We’ve all heard of wine tasting so why not try a chocolate tasting? It’s a cute way to spend quality time together and try something a little different.

For this date night activity you can go to a formal chocolate tasting at an artisanal chocolate shop in your city. Or you can create your own tasting event, by picking up a few varieties of different chocolate to try at home. There are also virtual chocolate tastings services available if you’re in need of a good long distance date idea.

37. Go Play Arcade Games

Head to an old-school arcade. Not only is it a playful and nostalgic way to spend the evening. You can also make things a bit more interesting with a friendly competition. Winner choses where you go on your next date!

38. Visit An Indoor Trampoline Park

Trampoline parks are popping up all over, and the good news is that they aren’t just for kids any more. Plus, spending an evening jumping to your hearts content, is not only guaranteed to put a spring in your step. But a smile on both your faces.

39. Play Ping-Pong

Games like ping-pong are a lot of fun to play no matter how skilled you are. It’s also one of those games of days gone by, that has seen a revival in recent years. Which means that you can find ping-pong tables at bars or speciality dedicated gaming centers near you.

Date Night Ideas At Home

With a little bit of creativity having a romantic night in with your partner is a breeze. Below you’ll find a list of intriguing at home date night ideas. That will help you connect with your partner on a deeper level, while having a wonderful night in together!

40. Try Out A Dating Subscription Box

For a fun and unique idea for a date night at home that goes beyond take out and Netflix, try out a dating subscription box service! They’re perfect for couples who want to do something different on a night in without spending a lot of money.

Not to mention that they make planning a date night so much easier! Plus, it’s always nice to have something exciting on the way to look forward to.

How it works: You chose which option works best for you either weekly or monthly. Then they send you everything you need to create a wonderful date night at home. Like we said, what could be easier!

41. Craft Your Own Wine Or Beer

Spend an evening making your own wine or beer together. Not only is this a tasty and affordable date night idea, it’s also very simple to do. All you need is some basic ingredients and some time to mix them together. Plus, making your own wine or beer means you get to control the flavor profile exactly how you want it.

42. Take A Virtual Painting Class

One easy way to have a creative date night at home is to take a virtual painting class together. These classes allow you and your partner to unleash your arty sides and create unique works of art that you can treasure for years to come.

You can find a ton of options online too! Some of the most popular one available virtually include oil, acrylic or watercolor painting and mixed media art. Also, works as an option for couples that are looking for long-distance date ideas.

43. Make A Time Capsule

Looking to spice up your home date night routine? Consider making a time capsule! This cute and unique activity allows you and your partner to share and preserve memories from past dates. To get started choose a theme or subject matter that is important to both of you. Such as your first date or first year together etc.

Then next gather your mementos. Include personal items such as, photos, cards and any memorabilia related to the date topic. Then once you’re done, schedule a specific day in the future, such as the anniversary of when you first met, to revisit your creation together.

44. Host A Casino Night

Who needs Vegas when you can bring the good times to your door by hosting a casino night! This is the perfect double date night idea for couples that want to bring some fun and excitement into the mix, without breaking the bank.

You can grab a casino game night kit online or make up your own games. Or just get out a deck of playing cards and strike up a game of poker or 21. You can keep things low key with simple drinks and snacks. Or add another level by asking everyone to come dress up in full Monte Carlo inspired glam.

45. Go Camping In Your Own Backyard

Is there anything more romantic than spending a night outdoors under the stars? For a unique date night at home why not go camping in your own backyard! You don’t need a bunch of fancy gear, just set up a simple tent, bbq and fire pit.

Then play cards or board games. Or star gaze while sipping on hot chocolate and telling each other ghost stories.

46. Do A Marriage Retreat In A Box

Improve your communication and strengthen your relationship as a married couple by doing a marriage retreat in a box. These do it yourself kits take you through prompts, and cute quizzes. Which are all designed to help you connect with your partner more deeply.

They can help you gain a better understanding of each other and can even put a little boost of adventure back into your date night routine.You can find these kits on amazon or at independent sellers online.

Romantic Home Date Night Ideas

If you and your partner are looking for a fun, romantic evening at home, here are some great indoor ideas to get you started:

47. Have An At Home Spa Day

If you’d love to add a little pampering to your home date night routine, then consider indulging in a couples spa day. From masks and massages to DIY manis and pedis, there are plenty of at-home spa treatments that can help relax and rejuvenate both you and your partner.

48. Have A DIY Couples Wine Tasting

Create your own wine tasting night at home. Simply select a variety of interesting wines to sample. Then relax and enjoy each other’s company as you sip away. You may even find a new favorite for your next date night.

Besides being is a fun date activity for couples, an evening wine tasting at home also works perfectly if you’re looking for double date ideas too.

49. Read Each Others Fortunes

Grab a set up Tarot Cards and spend the evening reading each others fortunes. It’ll be cool to see how accurately you can predict what will happen next!

50. Blind Taste Test Date Night

For an unforgettable night in, set up a blind taste testing night. This quirky activity is ideal for adventurous couples who love to try new things together.

All you need are a variety of drinks and random food items. Then, take turns blindfolding each other and guess which is which.

51. Take A Virtual Dance Lesson At Home

A great last minute romantic date idea is to take a virtual dance lessons from the comfort of your own home. From waltzes and tangos to salsa there are many options to chose from, that will have you in your swooning in your sweethearts arms all night long.

52. Stream A Concert

If you love music but hate crowds, or maybe you just want to try something a little more intimate for a change. Then why not bring the concert to you! Just hop online and you can find many amazing concerts to choose from. Plus, it’s always fun to see music live even if it’s virtually!

53. Have A Classic Movie Night

Classic movie nights can be a romantic way to spend a night at home together. You can either revisit old romantic favorites or check out something new to you. You could also pick a theme such as watching Oscar Winning movies. Or work your way through a classic catalog such as the criterion collection. Then all you need is some hot buttered popcorn and a blanket to snuggle under.

54. Ask Each Other The 36 Questions To Fall In Love

Spend the evening asking each other deep or flirty questions. If you need a jumping off point check out the 36 questions by Dr. Art Aron. As these questions were specifically designed create more closeness and connection between two people.

Essentially you take turns asking each other questions at 15 minute intervals. Then as you go along the questions begin to deepen. So as to help you not only learn more about the other person, but to reveal and share more about yourself as well.

Even if you’ve been married or together for years it can be a worthwhile exercise to reconnect your romantic bond as a couple. They also work as a jumping off point as first, second or third date questions. As well as, questions for engaged couples to ask each other before they get married.

And after all, who wouldn’t want to fall deeper in love?

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55. Make A Bonfire And Roast Marshmallows

What could be more romantic than a night by the fire with your sweetheart! A bonfire date night is the perfect chance to relax and enjoy each other’s company. All you need to get started are some logs, a match, and of course some delicious Marshmallows!

Cheap Date Night Ideas At Home

If you’re in the mood for something fun and affordable to do on a date night in we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re in the mood for movie night, game night, or just some good old fashioned nibbles, there are plenty of options available to you and your sweetheart.

56. Host An Old School Games Night

Host an old school games night for couples! Games like Monopoly, Risk, Connect Four, and Charades can be played for a low cost at home. All you need is some snacks and drinks, and you’re good to go!

57. Visit A Virtual Museum

Virtual museums offer an interesting and unique way to learn about history, art, and culture. And the best part is that and they’re free to visit! There are many different museums available online, so you can find one that’s right for you.

Whether you’re a couple that lives together or in a long distance relationship. Taking a virtual museum tour together is a fun way to spend an entertaining yet, cheap date night at home.

58. Play Never Have I Ever

Play a game of “Never Have I Ever” with your partner. Besides being a surprisingly entertaining way to spend an evening without breaking the bank. It’s always interesting to see how well your significant other knows you!

You could also play a game of “Would You Rather” or ask each other funny couples questions.

59. Create A Couple’s Bucket List

Spend the evening dreaming big and making a bucket list of all the adventures that you want to have together as a couple. The idea behind a couple’s bucket list is that it should be something that both of you want to do before you leave this earthly plane. And preferably something you only do together.

Make sure to keep your list handy and update it as you go!

60. Make Pizza From Scratch

Who doesn’t love pizza? Yes, pizza is already quite affordable, but making your own elevates it to a date night event. Plus, there are all sorts of cool and interesting recipes out there that you can try. For example, some people swear that cooking pizza at home on the BBQ is the best.

61. Read Each Other Love Poems

Cheesy? Maybe but it still doesn’t make it any less romantic. Especially when it comes to any love poem by Pablo Neruda. Who knows you may just discover that you love a little old fashioned courtship.

62. DIY Couples Paint & Sip Night

If you love spending quality time with your partner being creative then this date activity is perfect for you. We give you – the do it yourself paint and sip date night. All you need to get started are a few art supplies and a cheap bottle of wine. Then pick a theme and get painting!

You can make the night cozy and intimate with just the two of you. Or if you want to make it a bit more exciting, invite another couple over for a double date paint night.

63. Plan Your Next Vacation

Once your couples bucket list is made (#59), it’s time to start checking a few items off your list by planning your next vacation!

64. Play A Strategy Game Together

One way to spice up your home date is to play a strategy game together. There are many of these types of games available on the market that are perfect for couples.

For example Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride can be played with just two people. But if you want to make it a double date night, they are many that can also accommodate up to four players.

These games can be absolutely addicting! And I personally know a few couples who swear that strategy games like Settlers of Catan are where it’s at. So if you’re curious why not give it a try, and see for yourself.

65. Listen To A Spooky Old-Timey Radio Show

Cozy up and listen to an old-timey radio show together. There are a lot of spine-chilling vintage radio shows available on itunes that are absolutely captivating. Whether you’re into mysteries, suspense, or horror these shows will have you riveted.

To make the most of your night make sure to set the mood. Turn the lights down low. Light a few candles and then settle in for a spooky night together!

66. Do A Jigsaw Puzzle Together

Sometimes doing something low key and old school like working on a puzzle together can make the best dates. Besides being fun, they’re also an affordable way to spend an evening in together.

Another great thing about puzzles is that there are plenty of options to choose from! You can find puzzles with beautiful nature themes, solve a mystery theme or even more challenging 3D ones. There are also custom puzzles you can order online. So no matter what you’re looking for you’re sure to find something that you’ll enjoy!

67. Answer A Few Couples Quizzes Together

For this idea you can order a couples question book on amazon or you can simply go online and do a few for free. Answering quizzes together can be a playful and interesting way to connect with your partner. And you may even discover something new about each other along the way.

68. Be Viral Tick Tock Stars

Ok maybe not stars! But you could always learn one of those cool, viral Tick Tock dances and post it. Then watch the likes (and maybe a few new followers) flood in. So cute!!

Creative Date Night Ideas

Below you’ll find some creative date night ideas to get you started:

69. Take An Improv Class

Improv classes are highly underrated and seriously fun. It will challenge you as a couple and you’ll have some laughs too. It’s also a nice way to see your partner in a whole new light.

70. Re-Create Your First Date

There’s no denying that your first date was something special. Maybe it was the way you walked into each other’s lives, or the way you talked to each other on the phone before meeting in person. Maybe it was the fact that you were both interested in each other and went out of your way to make the date a memorable one.

Whatever the case may be, there’s something remarkable about your first date. So why not recreate that experience by going on your first date – again.

Simply recreate your first evening together from start to finish. Go to the same place, do the same things, and even wear the same clothes (if you still have them). It will definitely evoke some fond memories and help make more for the years to come.

71. Have Dinner In The Dark

Dine in the dark restaurants offer adventurous couples a truly unique experience. One that entails yes, you guessed it – dining in complete darkness together. Yes, completely dark. It’s a little bit nerve-racking. But also a thrilling way to experience your food in a whole new way.

It’s also nice to know that you’re supporting an establishment that employs non-sighted servers. Who are there to help guide you on your culinary journey. Overall you’ll walk away from your date having a truly enlightening evening.

72. Get Dressed Up And Go To The Opera

Getting all dressed up and going to the opera with your sweetheart can make for an incredibly romantic evening. However if opera isn’t your cup of tea, then opt to see a play or a symphony.

73. Get Creative At A Pottery Studio

Check out a pottery class on your next date night. Besides being surprisingly intimate and romantic, this activity also allows you to connect your partner in a new way. Not only will you get to create one-of-a-kind pieces together, you may discover a new hobby that you can enjoy for years to come.

74. Go Indoor Rock Climbing

For a unique date night idea indoor rock climbing is a must try! This activity is not only exciting, but also provides a great workout. Besides, being perfect for active couples. Indoor rock climbing is a great way to connect with your partner and build trust.

75. Go To An Archery Range

Head to an archery range and channel your inner Katniss and Peeta. Who knows? You may just discover a new passion!

76. Have A Staycation

What could be better than a date night being pampered at a five star hotel?

77. Get Matching Tattoos

Commemorate your love in ink (if you’re into that sort of thing)! Of course you may want to avoid the curse of the “lovers name” tattoo, and instead opt for something that is a cute symbol of your love.

78. Attend A Roller Derby Match

There’s something about a good roller derby match that makes for a cool date night. The energy and vibe in the arena is fun and exciting. The athletes are highly entertaining and inspiring to watch. You may even find your own heart racing as you cheer on your favorite team!

Cool Date Night Ideas

Planning a fun date with a cool twist, can give any relationship a joyful boost. Here are some cool ideas for your next date night:

79. Choose Your Own Adventure Date

Adding a little spontaneity to a date night is always a good idea. In this date idea you create your own adventure. How it works: each person picks two activities, two neighbourhoods, plus two food items.

Next, take your options and randomly select 1 from each category. For example “Pool + Brooklyn + Mexican”. Type it into Google, then head out to your destination.

80. Take In A Foreign Film

If you’re in the mood for something a little out of the ordinary, why not see a foreign film or check out a foreign film festival? Whether you’re looking for something light and comedic or something more serious and introspective. There are plenty of great films available to watch from around the world. So there’s sure to be one that will appeal to both of your tastes. Plus, it’ll give you some new insight into cultures you may not have otherwise encountered.

81. Visit A Night Market

Night markets are always packed with delicious food, unique shopping opportunities, and fun activities. Whatever you’re in the mood for, these international inspired markets make for the perfect place to spend an evening together.

82. Take Romantic Train Ride

Sampling gourmet cuisine on a train as the worlds rolls by, just may be the perfect way to escape the stresses of modern life. Plus, it most definitely evokes those romantic date night vibes.

83. Find A Weird Museum To Go

The weirder the better, that way you’ll never run out of things to talk about!

84. Attend A Play At An Outdoor Theater

For an unforgettable night head to a play at an outdoor theater. Outdoor venues have become increasingly popular, and are great for summer and early fall date nights. From musicals like “Grease”, to Shakespeare in the Park there’s something to suit everyone’s taste.

85. Get Lost (And Found) In A Corn Maze

If you’re in the market for a fun fall date activity, then check out a corn maze with your sweetie. Besides, it’s kinda cool to get lost together, while enjoying some good old-fashioned fun.

86. Have Dinner On A Riverboat Cruise

Get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life by spending the evening with your sweetheart on a riverboat cruise. After all, it’s hard to beat a romantic evening on the water with fine food and wine as the sunsets across the horizon.

87. Pumpkin Carving Date Night

Yes, carving pumpkins is cool! Plus, having a seasonal date night like carving pumpkins together, can become one of those fun traditions that makes fond memories for years to come.

Weeknight Date Ideas

Looking for a fun and unique way to spend a weeknight evening with your partner? Then we’ve got plenty of weekday date night ideas for you:

88. Hit Up a Pub For A Trivia Night

Trivia nights, also known as pub quiz nights are the perfect weeknight date activity. They also make a great option if you’re going on a first date or for long term couples too. For example, if it’s your first date, it helps you gain insight into your date’s personality. Like how they react to a little friendly competition. As well as, their interests and hobbies.

If you’re a couple that’s been married or together for a longtime it’s also a great weeknight activity. Because trivia nights are usually held Tuesdays to Thursdays. It’s a fun way to break up your weekly routine and have a few laughs together.

Plus, who doesn’t love spicing things up with a little friendly competition?

89. Take A Life Drawing Class

Attend an art class with a live model. Whether you’re looking to broaden your horizons or just want to get out of the house for an evening. There are plenty of exciting and unique art classes available that can be enjoyed on a weeknight.

For example, yes, you can take a class at an art studio, or art college. But there are also other cool options around town such as life drawing night at a pub. To keep things even more interesting many also have cool themes too. For example at Dr. Sketchy you can find events all across the country with models dressed in classic cabaret, vaudeville or burlesque styles.

90. Play Board Games At Pub

There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned board game to bring a couple closer together. Many local pubs have special board game nights during the week. As well as, many have a selection of board games that you can pull out and play whenever you want. In a pinch you could even bring your own.

91. Go For A Sunset Hike

If you and your main squeeze are nature lovers, then why not go for a sunset hike. Not only will you get to enjoy stunning views from atop a mountain or bluff. But you’ll also have plenty of time to chat and spend quality moments together.

It’s important to note that this makes a great date idea for couples that have been together for a while. For safety reasons, if you’re going on a first date always stick to locations that are in well populated areas. In this case, you’d want to skip the hike and instead opt for a sunset walk or bike ride in a local city park.

92. Have An Evening Swim And Get Dessert After

Swimming on a warm summer night, plus dessert? What could be sweeter or more romantic!

93. Go To The Batting Cages

You don’t have to be a big sports person to go to the batting cages and have a good time. You just have to be willing to try something different and see where that leads. Plus, if you haven’t known each other that long it gives you a chance to get a little more up close and personal.

94. Visit A Local Attraction On A “Free” Night

Many local attractions such as observatories, planetariums, and museums are pricey on weekends but during weekdays offer specials. Such as “pay what you can” or a free night.

No matter what you chose an evening spent exploring a local community treasure, will always have something interesting to offer. And is sure to be a memorable date night experience for you both.

95. Go Night Skiing Together

If you’re a couple that loves to ski then why not head to the mountains on a weeknight winter date! Not only will you have a great time together, the weekday prices are more affordable than weekends. And of course the slopes are a lot less crowded.

96. Visit A Science Center

Science centers may sound like something that you only visit if you’re on a middle school field trip. But they can actually be a lot of fun and a lot more interesting than you think! There are usually some really cool exhibits and who knows you may even learn a thing or two.

97. Go To An Amateur Baseball Game Game

Heading out to see an amateur sport, like baseball, can be just as much fun as the big leagues. Only at a price point that’s much easier on your wallet.

98. Race Go-Karts

Go-Karting is an exciting way for couples to spend an evening playfully bonding. Not only is this a fun activity, it’s practically guaranteed to get your heart racing.

99. Go For Ice Cream

If you’re looking for a sweet, simple and easy weeknight date idea, then it’s hard to beat going for ice cream!

100. Behind The Scenes Tour At An Aquarium

For an out of the ordinary date night idea, look no further than going for a behind the scenes tour at an Aquarium. Not only will you get the scoop on some cool insider information that other people rarely have a chance to see. You’ll also get an up close and personal look at the amazing creatures that call it home.

If you don’t have an aquarium near you? Then you can also find equally fascinating behind the scene tours during the week at your local museum, planetarium, or science center.

Best Date Night Ideas

If you’re looking for things to do as a couple, we got you! Here are some of the the best ideas to do on a date:

101. Go Ice Skating

Ice skating is a classic date idea that truly stands the test of time. Maybe it’s the nostalgia of days gone by. Or the fact that you get to glide along, holding hands as the rest of the world melts away. It just feels dreamy and utterly romantic.

For a perfect fall or winter date idea pair with thermos of hot chocolate or mulled wine.

102. Play Mini Golf

Mini golf is fun activity that works for couples on a first date or their 500th date. It’s easy to play, affordable and also makes a great spontaneous week night date idea.

Plus, it’s just feels good to be active and have a few laughs together.

103. Go To An Amusement Park

Amusement parks are one of the best ways to let loose and have some good old fashioned fun with your main squeeze. You can ride the roller coaster together, win prizes playing games and eat some out of this world junk food.

Plus they’re fairly budget friendly, so you can spend as much (or as little) as you want and still have a wonderful night!

104. Go To A Concert

When it comes to date night, nothing beats going out to a concert! Concerts are an amazing way to get together with your partner and have a good time. Whether you’re into rock, pop, or electronic music, there are so many great concerts happening all the time. So you’re sure to find something near by that you’ll both love.

105. Explore A Museum

Even if you haven’t been to your local museum in ages, museums are always interesting. Not to mention that they provide plenty of conversation starters. Which means that you’ll never run out of things to talk about with your date.

106. Go Bowling

Head to your local bowling alley and knock a few pins down together. If you want to have an even more memorable evening, then check out a theme night like disco bowling.

107. See A Play

There’s something really wonderful about going to see a play. Not only are you getting to see a great performance, but you also get to spend an evening with your special someone in a relaxed and romantic environment.

From comedies to dramas there are always so many wonderful plays in town that offer excellent entertainment. So you’ll be sure to find something that you’ll both enjoy.

108. Visit The Planetarium

Get up close and personal with the universe at your local planetarium or observatory. Although a visit to planetarium may not immediately spring to mind. This activity can be incredibly engaging, and provide plenty of conversation starters too!

109. Go To An Art Gallery Opening

Art gallery openings are a cool way to explore your local arts and culture scene. Besides the opportunity to hob-nob with the art world glitterati, there’s usually complimentary wine and appies too.

110. Sunset Hot Air Balloon Ride For Two

You and your sweetheart drifting through the sky as the sunsets? Best. Date. Ever. It’s a date night that’s not only romantic as all get out, but sure to be an unforgettable one too!

The Best Ideas For A Date Night

When it comes to date night ideas, we say you can never have to many! From fun, romantic, cute, unique and affordable to the best at home date night ideas. There are plenty of options here for you to choose from.

So keep this list on hand and you and your sweetheart will never be bored again!


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