Romantic Questions For Couples To Ask Each Other

Romantic Questions For Couples: Get To Know Your Partner Better

200 Romantic questions for couples to get to know your partner better.

Without a doubt falling in love is one of the best feelings in the world. Meeting your special person, spending every moment together that you can. Asking questions and talking for hours can feel absolutely magical.

Of course as you get to know each other better over time your relationship evolves and changes. While that can be wonderful to. Sometimes you can forget to have those deep conversations that keep the romance alive and bring you closer to your partner.

However, even if you’ve been together for years, once of the best things that you can do to keep the spark alive, is to stay curious. And, keep connecting with your partner in deep and thoughtful ways.

In particular asking each other romantic questions is one of the best ways to strengthen your relationship. As meaningful questions encourage you to keep the lines of communication open. Foster intimacy and increase understanding and trust between you and your significant other.

Intimate questions to ask your partner

With that in mind, below you’ll find the best romantic questions to ask your partner about love, intimacy, and shared experiences. To more light-hearted romance inspired trivia and couples quiz questions. Perfect to ask each other on date nights, road trips or cozy nights at home.

Best Romantic Questions For Couples

These romantic questions are just the beginning of the many meaningful conversations that will help you connect with your partner:

  1. What is your favorite memory of us as a couple?
  2. When did you first know that you were in love with me?
  3. When do you feel the most connected and loved in our relationship?
  4. What does “romance” in a long-term relationship look like to you?
  5. What makes you excited about our future as a couple?
  6. What do think makes our relationship special?
  7. What’s a quality that you love about me that you hope will never change?
  8. What do you think is the best thing about being a couple?
  9. What’s your love language?
  10. If a genie gave you three wishes for our relationship, what would they be?
  11. How do you define falling in love?
  12. When we first met what was it about me that you felt most attracted to?
  13. What are your hopes and dreams for us as a couple?
  14. Do you believe that your romantic partner should also be your best friend?
  15. What is one way that you express your love for me without actually saying “I love you?” 
  16. Is giving and receiving gifts important to you? 
  17. What’s your idea of a perfect kiss?
  18. What’s your favorite way to show someone you care?
  19. What kind of physical touch best expresses your feelings for me?
  20. What’s the most romantic dream vacation that we could take as a couple?
Intimate questions for long-term couples. The best relationship strengthening questions to ask on date nights.

Romantic Questions to Ask Your Partner on Date Nights

Asking relationship strengthening questions are a great way to get a thoughtful conversation started with your significant other. Here are some good romantic questions you can ask each other on your next date night:

  1. Do you think regular date nights are essential for us to stay connected? 
  2. What does a dream date night out look like to you?
  3. When did you first know that you were falling in love with me?
  4. What are your top 3 most romantic dates that we’ve had together?
  5. What’s something that you did to impress me in the early days of our relationship?
  6. What is the most romantic thing that I can do for you?
  7. Would you rather make important decisions about your love life by following your heart or your head?
  8. What are three things in your life that you’re grateful for?
  9. What love song reminds you of our relationship?
  10. What was the best moment on our first date?
  11. Would you prefer to have a couple’s massage or go dancing together?
  12. What are your favorite things about me?
  13. What’s the most attractive thing that a person can do?
  14. Tell me about a time when you felt deeply connected to me, what were we doing?
  15. What special occasion should we always celebrate?
  16. What’s your idea of the perfect romantic couples day together?
  17. Would you rather be told where you were going on a romantic date night or have it be a surprise?
  18. What famous (or fictional) couple do you think we’re the most like?
  19. What would our celebrity couple name be? 
  20. Do you think we spend enough quality time with each other?

Make sure to snap a photo to commemorate your night out. And if you’re feeling it share it on instagram with one of these cute Date Night Quotes.

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Romantic questions for long-term couples. Meaningful questions to ask your partner or spouse. For married couples, boyfriend or girlfriend.

Romantic Questions For Her

The best romantic questions to ask her, for your partner, girlfriend or wife:

  1. When do you feel the most loved by me?
  2. When was the first moment that you wanted to kiss me?
  3. Can you describe my personality in 3 words?
  4. What romantic thing do you wish that I did more often?
  5. What kind of romantic gestures mean the most to you?
  6. What’s something we’ve never done together that you’d like to do?
  7. Whаt dіd уоu think about mе whеn we first met?
  8. What do think is an underrated romantic gesture? 
  9. When we first met what was it about me that you felt the most attracted to?
  10. How do you express love and appreciation to your partner?
  11. What does “happily ever after” look like in a long-term relationship?
  12. What would most people be surprised to learn about you?
  13. Do you like being surprised by random gifts?
  14. What about me gives you butterflies?
  15. How would you describe our relationship using one word?
  16. What’s the best relationship advice you’ve ever received?
  17. What are your favorite activities for us to do together?
  18. Do you feel like we communicate well with each other?
  19. How important do you think first impressions are in a relationship?
  20. Is there anything about me that you want to know?

Romantic Questions for Him

The best romantic questions to ask a guy, your boyfriend or husband:

  1. What do you value the most about our relationship?
  2. How do you most often express love and appreciation for your partner?
  3. Would you rather give a gift to me or receive a gift from me?
  4. What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken for love?
  5. What do you think is the sexiest quality your partner can have?
  6. Is how you receive love different from how you give love?
  7. What qualities do you think are most important to have in a spouse?
  8. How do you feel the most connected to your partner?
  9. What is your communication style?
  10. What is your attachment style?
  11. Did you have a crush on me when we first met?
  12. What’s your favorite thing about our relationship?
  13. What are your hopes and dreams for our future?
  14. Do you consider yourself to be a romantic person?
  15. What does a healthy relationship look like to you?
  16. What are your relationship dealbreakers?
  17. Do you have a secret fantasy that you’d like us to try?
  18. Do you feel like we have a strong foundation for a long-term relationship?
  19. If you could plan a romantic date for us anywhere in the world, where would we go?
  20. What’s your favorite way to be physically affectionate with your lover?
  21. What do you love the most about the way your life is right now?

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Romantic Questions For Married Couples

These relationship questions will help increase intimacy and deepen your bond as a married couple:

  1. What’s your favorite romantic activity to do as a married couple?
  2. What do I do that always makes you feel sexy?
  3. What do you think is the secret to keeping romance alive in a long-term relationship?
  4. What do you remember about our first kiss?
  5. When was a time when you felt really loved, seen and understood by me?
  6. When was the moment you knew that you wanted to marry me?
  7. What is something we have in common with each other that you love?
  8. In what ways do you think our differences complement each other?
  9. If you could relive one day of our relationship what day would it be?
  10. Do you feel comfortable telling me what your needs are?
  11. What is your happiest memory of us when we first got married?
  12. What goals do you have for us as a married couple?
  13. What made you first fall in love with me?
  14. What is something about me that has really surprised you?
  15. What are some ways that we can communicate better?
  16. What’s something you’re really proud of?
  17. What types of compliments do you like to hear?
  18. Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?
  19. How can we bring more joy and romance into our daily lives as a couple?
  20. What are some romantic activities or fun hobbies you think we should explore together as a couple?
  21. What are your thoughts keeping spontaneity and adventure alive in a long-term relationship?
  22. What are the top 3 romantic things on your bucket list that you want us to do as a couple?

Romantic Quiz & Trivia Game Questions For couples

Asking fun, yet thoughtful questions can spark deep conversations. Which can keep the romance alive in your relationship for years to come.

Would You Rather Romantic Questions For Couples

  1. Would you rather come home to rose petals in a bath or candles in the bedroom?
  2. Would you rather get a handwritten love letter or a surprise gift?
  3. Would you rather kiss me in public or kiss in me private?
  4. Would you rather hold your lovers hand for four hours straight every day or never hold it again?
  5. Would you rather love and lose or never love at all?
  6. Would you rather cuddle outside under the stars with a bottle of wine or cuddle under a blanket near a fireplace with hot chocolate?
  7. Would you rather tell your lover your deepest secret or never know theirs?
  8. Would you rather meet the love of your life in high school or at 45?
  9. Would you rather that your partner take you on adventurous date or give you an extravagant gift?
  10. Would you rather be with someone that makes you laugh or be with someone that makes you think?
  11. Would you rather take long walks together or long drives together?
  12. Would you rather spend a night together under the stars camping or in a fancy five-star hotel with room service?
  13. Would you rather that your partner have similar taste in music or in food?
  14. Would you rather give or receive?
  15. Would you rather have a back massage or a foot massage?
  16. Would you rather be your partner’s first love or their last love?
  17. Would you rather get matching onesies or matching tattoos?
  18. Would you rather go on a truly romantic date or be given a romantic gift?
  19. Would you rather paint the town red with you partner on a date night or have a chill date night at home?
  20. Would you rather skinny dip with your partner in a lake or in the ocean? 

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Romantic “Yes or No” Questions For Couples

“Yes or No” types of questions are a playful way to spark cute and creative conversations with your partner:

  1. Do you believe everyone has a soulmate?
  2. Do you remember what I wore on our first date?
  3. Do you think people in relationships should spend a lot of time together?
  4. Do you ever think about me during the day when we’re not together?
  5. Do you think we’re on track for having a future together that you always imagined we would?
  6. Are you good at keeping secrets?
  7. Do you like public displays of affection?
  8. Do you have a clear picture of what success looks like for you?
  9. Do you remember your first kiss?
  10. Are you a romantic person?
  11. Do you think partners should give each other gifts?
  12. Do you ever get butterflies when you’re around me?
  13. Are twin-flames real?
  14. Do you believe that people can change for love?
  15. Do you think it’s okay to lie to your partner to protect them?
  16. Do you believe that lovers are destined for each other?
  17. Have you ever written a romantic love letter or song?
  18. Do you think it’s possible to read your partners mind?
  19. Do you like surprises?
  20. Would you ever date someone with a radically different political view from you?

“Who Is More Likely To” Fun & Romantic Questions

These “Who’s Most Likely To” questions for couples are fun couples questions that help you get to know each other better. While also keeping you and your partner talking and laughing:

  1. Who’s most likely to plan a romantic date night?
  2. Who says ‘I Love You’ more often?
  3. Who’s most likely to be the spontaneous partner?
  4. Who’s more likely to post a kissing picture on their Instagram?
  5. Who’s more likely to send a flirty text to their partner?
  6. Who’s most likely to surprise their partner with a romantic gift?
  7. Who’s more likely to be the sentimental romantic partner that save cards and ticket stubs for the memories?
  8. Who’s more likely to initiate a passionate kiss?
  9. Who’s most likely to send a cute good morning text?
  10. Who is most likely to write love letters?
  11. Who is most likely to steal the covers?
  12. Who’s most likely to want a big family?
  13. Who is most likely to give the best relationship advice?
  14. Who is most likely to be more patient?
  15. Who’s more likely to plan a romantic beach day?
  16. Who is most likely to sign up for fun couples activities?
  17. Who’s most likely to send their partner a cute goodnight text?
  18. Who’s most likely to play matchmaker and set their friend up on a blind date?
  19. Who is most likely to cook a romantic dinner for their partner?
  20. Who’s more likely to ask their partner to go skinny dipping?
  21. Who’s most likely to want to go out dancing all night?
  22. Who’s more likely to plan a road trip?

Romantic “This or That” Questions For Couples

“This Or That” questions with a romantic spin are cute conversation starters for couples at any stage. Whether you’re newly dating, engaged or been married for years. These fun, random questions will provide you with delightful conversation and a few laughs:

  1. Romantic dinner out on the town or Romantic breakfast in bed for two?
  2. Charming sunrise hike with your partner or Romantic sunset drinks?
  3. Dance in the rain or Kiss in the dark?
  4. Romantic picnic in the park or Private chef at home?
  5. Fairytale wedding or Romantic honeymoon?
  6. Read your lover’s mind or Feel your lover’s emotions?
  7. Love letter to your lover or Love poem from your lover?
  8. Romantic getaway or Cozy staycation?
  9. Kiss me under the stars or Kiss me under the covers?
  10. Predict the future or Change the past?
  11. Romantic dinner at home or Adventurous date outdoors?
  12. Chocolate fondue and cuddling or S’mores beside a roaring fire?
  13. Big spoon or Little spoon?
  14. 100 Hugs or 100 Kisses?
  15. Gift or experience?
  16. Watch a romantic comedy or Read a book of romantic poems?
  17. Truth or Dare?
  18. Romance or Fun?
  19. A quiet night at home or together out on the town?
  20. Day on the mountains or Relaxing at the beach?
  21. Kissed on the lips or Bitten on the neck?
  22. Planned date or Spontaneous date?

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Deep Questions For Couples In Love

Below you’ll find a list of deep and intimate questions to help strengthen your romantic connection as a couple. Creating a solid and loving relationship:

  1. What do you think all new couples in a romantic relationship should know about each other?
  2. Do you think counselling can help couples? Would you do it with your partner?
  3. Are you able to easily communicate your needs to your partner?
  4. Do you believe in love at first sight?
  5. Is arguing in a relationship normal and healthy or is it unhealthy?
  6. What kind of intimacy do you believe is essential in a marriage / long-term committed relationship?
  7. In a relationship, should one partner always be willing to compromise with the other?
  8. Do you believe in the existence of soulmates?
  9. Do you think couples can survive long-distance relationships?
  10. How do you feel that trust is established in romantic relationships? Is trust automatic or earned over time?
  11. How did you define being in love when you were younger?
  12. What would you do (or not do) for love?
  13. What saying or quote best describes our relationship?
  14. What is a favorite movie of yours that you also consider to also be a surprisingly romantic movie?
  15. Do you think romantic true love exists beyond all space and time?
  16. Do you think it’s possible to stay in the romantic honeymoon phase forever?
  17. How do you envision our future relationship with each other’s families?
  18. What was the biggest lesson you learned from your last breakup?
  19. Would you rather be loved, respected or admired by your partner?
  20. Do you like it when your partner asks you pillow talk questions?
  21. If we were stranded on a deserted island, what are 3 must have items, to keep our romance alive?
  22. What other couples do you think are good role models for our relationship?
  23. What do you think is key to building a strong and successful relationship?
  24. What’s one important lesson about relationships that you learned growing up?
  25. What is your most treasured favorite childhood memory?
  26. What is one of your pet peeves?
  27. Do you have any regrets from your last serious relationship?
  28. How can we deepen our connection though our shared physical intimacy?
  29. Which physical touch best expresses your feelings for me?
  30. What 3 words best describe our relationship?
  31. As a couple, what goals do you think we should try to accomplish together?

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More In Fun Questions For Couples

In my experience as a dating and relationship coach the happiest couples are the ones that keep the lines of communication open. And, continue to stay curious about their significant other in a way that helps bring them closer.

Research has shown that when it comes to determining a couples long-term happiness and relationship satisfaction. It’s not always about the person that you choose. It’s more about the relationship that you build, and how much joy that you experience in that relationship.

One of the best ways to do that is to keep asking romantic questions that deepen your connection and keep the spark alive. So make sure that you’re setting time aside that’s just for you and your partner. So you can build the romance and joy in your relationship as much as you can.

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