The ultimate list of "This or That" questions for couples.

100+ This Or That Questions For Couples (Funny, Flirty + Spicy)

100 This or That Questions for couples. The ultimate list of funny, flirty, spicy “this or that” couples questions to ask your partner and liven up any date night.

When it comes to relationships, communication is key. One great way to spice things up and keep your connection as a couple fresh is to not only ask each other deep questions but light-hearted and interesting ones too.

Wether you’ve just started dating or have been together for years, asking each other fun questions that are meant for couples can spark interesting conversations. Which in turn can help to deepen your connection.

Enter the “This Or That” questions game for couples.

Funny This Or That Questions For Couples

From funny and flirty to spicy and deep these “This or That” questions are designed to help you learn more about your partner in an enjoyable and interesting way. You’ll get to know each others likes and dislikes, while exploring different aspects of each other. To get started simply decide who goes first and ask them these questions:

  1. Bad haircut or bad dye job?
  2. Talking pets or Talking babies?
  3. Air guitar or Air drums?
  4. Instagram famous or Infomercial famous?
  5. Partner that’s a Zombie or A partner that’s a Vampire?
  6. Working hard or Hardly working?
  7. Boxers or Briefs?
  8. Owe money or Owe a favor?
  9. Partner with a Mohawk or A mullet?
  10. Hands for feet or Feet for hands?
  11. Reincarnated as a Dog or Cat?
  12. Trapped with your partner in a jungle or Haunted house?

Flirty This Or That Questions For Couples

Keep the spark alive by asking your Sweetheart flirty questions. The cute and flirty “this or that” questions below are sure to get a juicy conversation flowing:

  1. Great kisser or Great in bed?
  2. Skinny dip in the ocean or Skinny dip in a lake?
  3. Lights on or Lights off?
  4. Make out with your celebrity crush or Get paid $10,000?
  5. Hit on someone or Have someone hit on you?
  6. Sexy adult time in a shower or bath?
  7. Give or Receive?
  8. Dirty underwear or No underwear?
  9. Chocolate or Whipped cream?
  10. Truth or Dare?

Romantic This Or That Questions For Couples

Romantic “This Or That” questions can help to bring you and your significant other closer and intensify your connection. Whether you’re in a new relationship, engaged or been married for years, these charming romantic questions for couples will provide you with hours of delightful conversation and exploration.

  1. Fairytale wedding or Fairytale honeymoon?
  2. Romantic dinner or Romantic breakfast in bed?
  3. Chocolate or Roses?
  4. Romantic sunrise with your partner or Romantic sunset with your partner?
  5. Dance in the rain or Kiss in the rain?
  6. Watch a romantic comedy or Read a romantic book?
  7. Good morning text or Goodnight Text?
  8. Romantic picnic in the park or Private chef at home?
  9. Love letter to your lover or Love poem?
  10. Tango or Waltz?
  11. Romantic dinner at home or Adventurous outdoor date?

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This or That Questions (Boyfriend / Girlfriend)

No matter how long you’ve been with your special person you can always learn something new about each other. Here are a few fun “this or that” questions to ask your boyfriend (or girlfriend) that will help you get to know them on a deeper level:

  1. Time machine or Magic wand?
  2. Romance or Fun?
  3. Calling or Texting?
  4. Pizza or Tacos?
  5. Board games or Video games?
  6. Instagram or Tiktok?
  7. Superhero or Super villain?
  8. Hot coffee or Iced coffee?
  9. Kiss me under the stars or Kiss me in a blanket fort?
  10. Dating show or Survival show?
  11. House Party or Netflix and chill?
  12. Get caught getting it on by your parents or Catch your parents getting it on?
  13. Travel around the world or Have a family?
  14. Arcade Date or Mini-golf Date?

This Or That Questions For Adults (Juicy + Dirty)

Juicy questions can help to liven up conversations and create a spicy connection. Here are some of the best juicy (but not-too-dirty) questions to ask your partner:

  1. Dirty talk or Intense eye contact?
  2. Send nudes to a stranger or Send nudes to an ex?
  3. Blindfolded or Handcuffed?
  4. Submissive or Dominant?
  5. Be on the bottom or On the top?
  6. Kinky night or Romantic night?
  7. Hot wax or Ice cubes?
  8. Watch or Be watched?
  9. Erotic novel or Erotic movie?
  10. Lap dance or Strip tease?
  11. Kissed on the lips or Bitten on the neck?
  12. Kitchen table or Kitchen floor?

This Or That Questions For Married Couples

Wether you’re having a chill night at home or an exciting night out with your partner. It’s always great to have a few fun questions on hand that can add a little spice to your night. Here are a some good “this or that” questions to get you started:

  1. Date night in or Date night out?
  2. Funny movie or Dramatic movie?
  3. Rollercoasters or Water slides?
  4. Sweet or Savory?
  5. Planning or Winging it?
  6. Bonfire or Fireplace?
  7. Love or Money?
  8. Resort or Cruise?
  9. Food truck or Fancy restaurant?
  10. Partner who always gets speeding tickets or One who always gets parking tickets?
  11. Barefoot or Socks?
  12. Vacation or staycation?
  13. Get up 3 hours early or Skip a meal?
  14. Extra spicy meal or bland food?
  15. Guacamole or Salsa?

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Deep “This Or That” Questions For Couples

Asking your partner deep questions about life can be an ideal way to get to know each other better while creating an atmosphere of trust. Here are some thought-provoking deep “this or that” questions for couples:

  1. Glass half full or Glass half empty?
  2. Predict the future or Change the past?
  3. More money or More friends?
  4. Marry at this moment or Never marry at all?
  5. Gifts or Quality time?
  6. Partner who is book smart or One who is street smart?
  7. Smart and pretty or Rich and ugly?
  8. Partner who is ambitious or One who is passionate?
  9. Rich and famous or Wealthy and unknown?
  10. Personal growth or Financial Security?
  11. Be invisible or Able to fly?
  12. Expensive gift or homemade gift?
  13. Life of a gold fish or Squirrel? 
  14. Photographic Memory or Perfect singing voice?
  15. Partner who is apathetic or One who is obsessive?
  16. Read your lover’s mind or Feel your lovers emotions?

Relationship “This or that” Questions

Help strengthen the bond with your sweetheart and get the conversation flowing by asking them one of these exciting relationship questions:

  1. Partner that is a night owl or A partner who is an early riser?
  2. Ski resort or Couples Spa day?
  3. Ambitious partner or Funny partner?
  4. Jealous partner or Distant partner?
  5. Receive a love letter or A flirty text?
  6. Rich or Well-travelled?
  7. Long distance relationship or Move across the country?
  8. Suburbs or Downtown?
  9. Propose in public or Private?
  10. Big wedding or Elope?
  11. Matching tattoos or Matching Piercings?
  12. Saving or Spending?
  13. Couch potato or Fitness fiend?
  14. Concert or Sports game?
  15. Pause time or Rewind time?
  16. Underdressed or Overdressed?
  17. Travel the two of us or Travel with another couple?
  18. Partner that’s messy but a great cook or One who is a terrible cook but extremely neat?
  19. All inclusive Resort or Camping?

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How To Play The “This Or That” Questions Game

If you’ve never the played this or that couples question game, then you’re in luck because it doesn’t get any easier that this!

  • Simply ask your partner one of the questions with the two contrasting options and they choose one or the other. Or “this or that”. This also sometimes called the “either / or” game. It’s very similar to playing “would you rather” only more simplified.
  • After answering the question, they can explain why they chose that particular option. Which in turn, can lead to a conversation that is not only playful and interesting. But one that can reveal a lot about your partner which you may not have known before.
  • You can play this game anywhere or anytime!
  • Perfect as a date night idea for couples, to ask each other on a road trip, a couples game night, or when you’re looking for a way to liven things up at home with your partner as a weekday date night idea.

Fun Game Questions For Couples

What’s great about playing a game of “This or That for Couples” is that you can discover cool new things about your boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner that you never knew before.

Wether you’ve been married for years, dating for awhile or in a long-distance relationship. These questions can help you to stay connected and strengthen your bond. They also have a cool way of getting you thinking and talking about what’s important in life. All while having a few laughs together.

Sounds like a win-win situation to us!

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