Are Men Afraid Of Commitment?

Are guys afraid to commit? A Dating Coach explains the truth behind the fears.

You meet a great guy, things seem to be going really well yet he still won’t commit. You rack your brain, ask your friends and drive yourself crazy trying to figure it out…

Why does it seem like so many men are afraid of commitment?

Today I’m sharing with you some insights into what might be happening so you can better understand the situation.

Key Points To Know About Men & Fear of Commitment

1. Men are hardwired for success and can be very career focused and goal oriented. They’re often driven by a need to be at a certain point in their career and finances or have accomplished certain life goals before they’re ready to commit to a woman.

2. It’s not exactly the commitment men fear but more being trapped, and losing their independence. When this pressure starts to creep in, they must pull away and spend some time alone to regroup.

Unfortunately this can cause a lot of anxiety for the woman dating him. She starts to assume that he’s losing interest, seeing someone else or going to break up with her.

What To Do When You Like A Guy But He’s Not Committing Right Away

During this time it’s important not to chase him, texts, calls etc. this tends to have the opposite intended effect, and will only push him further away.

Instead, you should take this time to regroup for yourself, shifting the focus back on you and meeting your needs and take really good care of yourself.

Women usually want commitment right away, but the truth is that’s not always the best thing for you. There’s nothing wrong with taking your time and making sure that this is the right relationship.

This time period is also a chance to practice relationship skills, gaining a deeper understanding of how he operates which will be the foundation of your long-term relationship.

Once you understand this, once you stop chasing him, shift into being you and focusing on you, something magical can happen. He will often reengage with you in a very loving and attentive way.



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Are Men Afraid of Commitment

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