Men Intimidated Successful Woman

Are Men Intimidated By Strong Women?

Are You A Strong, Successful Woman Struggling To Find Love? Do you feel like every guy you meet is intimidated by you or your achievements? 

As a Love & Dating Coach working with ambitious women, I often hear some version of this as the main reason that they remain single and can’t find or hold on to a good man.

However, in addition to having amazing programs for women, I also work with men. Very successful men who are leaders in their industry, CEO’s, Surgeons, Software Developers, Finance etc. and these men are all looking for their ultimate woman.

She’s educated, confident and is happily ROCKING her life – career and all!

She’s the very definition of SUCCESS, so then, when it comes to dating and finding love with a high quality man, where’s the disconnect?

Today, I’m sharing with you 3 common mistakes successful women make, that push men away:

1. Is Leading With Her Head Over Her Heart

Are Men Intimidated By Successful Women?

Has this ever happened to you? You meet a great guy, go on a date and it seems to be going well, he gushes about how impressed he is by your credentials and achievements, you get excited, he’s everything you’re looking for and then it just fizzles out or he disappears all together?

This is usually the result of a lack of emotional connection on the date or being in your Head (not present) over your Heart (present). When a man is looking for love he will appreciate your success, but ultimately he needs to be able to feel the real you on the date, not your resume, no matter how impressive it is.

A man’s everyday life is filled with competition and a pressure to win and succeed, while they thrive on those wins, it can also be draining. At the end of the day they crave to be in the warm presence of a woman that is able to be in her heart, share herself and communicates with confidence and vulnerability.

2. She Doesn’t Make Him Feel Needed

Hearing this can be very confusing and even offensive to some women, triggering reactions like…I’m not weak, I don’t need a man or I can do it myself….

However, there’s big difference between healthy and unhealthy needs and being needy and being strong enough to let him do things for you.

Without feeling like you’ll be obligated to him or viewed weak in some way.

Both men and women have a several specific core needs and one of men’s is to feel needed. When combined with sincere appreciation, even something simple like asking him to do you a favor or to get something off a shelf for you can fulfill this need and be rewarding for him.

3. She Has to Be In Control

In the dating process, there needs to be balance and polarity between the natural feminine and masculine energies. Men and women both have these energies and each have their place. For the sake of this article we’re talking about it primarily for the purpose of dating, mating and relating.

are men intimidated by me

Do you ever find yourself wondering how you can control the outcome of the date? Or the man himself?

Then you’re in the energy of control which is a masculine energy. All about strategy and how to manipulate situations to your advantage.

While being in feminine energy is more about confidence, presence, receiving and responding.

The truth is that men already come to the table wanting to make you happy and you can learn how to have your needs met without being in the energy of control.

It’s only a matter of learning a specific skill set, so you can communicate with men in a way that will make you highly desirable and in your high value feminine energy. When you embody this, your natural confidence is radiant and magnetic.

If you’re a smart, ambitious woman and have felt like you’ve intimidated men in the past, this is really not the truth, only a version of your truth and a pattern your’re running.

One that you can change, anytime you want.

The first step is your dating mindset, leave the Boss Lady at home for the night and start to think of your dates as Heart To Heart connection points.

The second step is to understand the dating process and learn the communication skills that will have you showing up as A Man Magnet – Authentic, Irresistible and Inspiring the masculine, high quality man that you’re looking for to take notice and step up!



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