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If a Man Is Interested Why Doesn’t He Pursue You?

Why does he act flirty with you, but when it comes down to it, doesn’t pursue you?

One of the biggest complaints I get from women is “Why doesn’t he ask me out?” believing that a man that is interested will aggressively pursue you and if he doesn’t, then “he’s just not that into you”.

The Truth is that Yes, this is true to some degree, but its also true that we are humans and there are many reasons why he may or may not be pursuing you.

Today, I’m taking some of the mystery and frustration out of understanding men and why he’s not asking you out, in this super quick 2 minute video.

The #1 takeaway from this is to remember that courtship is a dance between two partners. Many times women are waiting for the guy to pursue them, but the truth is that we as women, actually set the pace in the relationship.

Men take their cue from us, so if this is what you want you must begin to learn the skills needed to inspire him! How we show up, everything we say and do is what motivates men to pursue you the way you want.



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