Where Are All The Single Men?
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Where Are All The Single Men?

Looking for places to meet great men can be enjoyable but also a challenge. What was once fun, starts becoming discouraging if we always seem to end up in the wrong place or meeting the wrong guy. So where are all the single men? I have 4 great spots for you to check out, but before you head out here are a few key points to keep in mind:

1. Be Approachable

See a cute guy? Smile and let him know you’re interested. Sometimes we forget this, and think it’s the guy’s job to do all the work. In reality we are the choosers, we pick who we want to talk to us and when, not the other way around.

Men need to know that it’s ok for them to approach us. So once you see that guy, he needs to know you’re interested so he can approach you. This is where a little flirting comes in.

2. Use The 5 Second Flirt Technique

Smile, look at him for at least 5 seconds, look away then look back again. You need to be really clear or he won’t get it. If you have never done this before it can feel awkward and 5 seconds can feel like a really long time. But not to worry keep practicing and you will be comfortable in no time.

If you feel like this is way to forward, don’t give it a second thought. As long as you do it in a feminine, flirty way the guy will have no idea what’s actually happening. Studies done on flirting have shown that in every instance the men interviewed thought that they were initiating contact, not the other way around.

3. Fly Solo

Head out alone, men do not want to walk up to a group of women no matter how cute you are. Yes, this can be intimidating at first but you are much more likely to socialize and be approached if you are by yourself.

4. Bring an Interesting Book

When you are on your own having an interesting book with you is a great conversation starter. It can also help make you feel a little more comfortable if you are sitting alone in a bar or café.

5. Make Friends Where Ever You Go

When you are out and about make friends with the people that work there. Let them know you are single, most people would be happy to keep an eye out or introduce you to someone you might be interested in.

Ready To Meet Your Guy? Here Are 4 Hot Spots To Check Out:

The Apple Store

Men have a love of and are drawn to, all things electronic. If you have ever walked past there you might have noticed that its wall to wall men, if you haven’t yet, GO. The layout of the store is perfect for lingering, and striking up conversation. They also offer free workshops, so you can broaden your horizons as well as meet an interesting guy.

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