How To Meet Single Men On Valentine’s Day

What to do on Valentines Day if you’re single and alone, but don’t want to be. Ideas of how and where to go to meet someone. Plus flirting tips that really work.

While it often feels like Valentine’s Day is reserved for couples in a romantic relationship, there’s actually plenty of opportunities to meet other single people and maybe even that special someone.

Yes Ladies, it’s true. Though it may appear counter intuitive you can actually meet single men on Valentines Day.

Another bonus? If you head out to the right spots, your chances of meeting a married man or guy with a girlfriend is pretty much zero.

What To Do On Valentine’s Day When You’re Single


1. Your First Step – Choose Your State of Mind

Before you head out to where the single guys go on Valentines Day it’s important to get into the right mindset. Having a positive mindset and the intentions that you bring to your dating life are going to determine two very key things. Your results and the level of happiness you experience while dating.

As a dating coach, I talk a lot about mindset because our emotions are a reaction to our thoughts. Not the other way around.

Your state of mind at any given time will set the tone for how you’re feeling in the moment. As well as, signal how confident you are to others unconsciously through your body language. If you want to have a better experience while dating you must become more conscious of your mindset.

Which includes your daily thoughts, feelings and actions. Then, make sure that they’re aligned with your relationship goals.

2. Set Your Valentine’s Day Intentions

When you wake up in the morning set a positive intention for the day. Then before you leave the house to start your night, set another intention to make the most of it and fully enjoy the evening.

You get to chose how your night goes. You can choose to be negative, think dating and Valentines day sucks and there are no good men. Or you can grow through what you are going through and have more fun in your life.

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3. Be Willing To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

If you want to have something different you must do something different. Which is not always going to be the most comfortable thing in the world.

Comfort is great if you’re happily living the life that you want. However, if you’re not where you want to be and you’d like to see something in your life change like, finding Mr. Right? You’re going to have to learn how to stretch and challenge yourself and be ok with it. 

Remind yourself that you might feel lonely or down about being single on Valentines Day, but you aren’t alone. There are literally millions of other singles out there looking for love. It only takes one!

Risk the uncertainty and the lack of comfort and find new ways to put yourself out there as often as possible.


4. Dress Up & Put Your Best Foot Forward

Make sure to dress up and wear something that makes you feel vibrant, pulled together and sexy. No, you do not have to be out in a dress and high heels if that isn’t your thing!

Just make sure that you’re leaving the house looking as good as you want to feel. When you’re confident in your appearance, it can help give you the boost you need to flirt with that cute guy. No regrets!

On The With Valentines Day Plan…

Best Place For Singles On Valentine’s Day (Where To Go To Meet Guys)

Below are the two best places to go to meet single guys on Valentine Day. My suggestion is to break your evening into two parts and follow my flirting tips below to maximize your chances of meeting available men.

Place #1: Go To Happy Hour For After Work Drinks

Head out to your local happy hour at an upscale hotel or pub in the business district of your city. On Valentines Day many establishments have happy hour singles mixers. So be sure to check your local listings to find out if there are any events near you.

If you don’t already have a work to evening bag ready to go (and why not? because well, you never know what the day will bring), put one together the night before. For many women this looks like packing a pair of high heels, and makeup essentials for a quick touch up.

Then add in a few accessories that take you from day to night. Dangly earrings and a statement necklace both work nicely.

For your day look wear something that is easily transformed to a casual but polished evening style. A tank top under a sweater or jacket is perfect. Add your heels, accessories, lip gloss and head out to your favorite spot for Happy Hour and bit of early evening socializing, using the simple and flirting tips below.

Set a two drink maximum. After all your night is just beginning. Feel free to pop back home, change to suit your needs, then on to the next stage.

Place #2: Where To Go To Meet Single Men On Valentines Day Bars & Lounges

Make plans to meet up later in the evening for drinks at an actual singles bar, sports bar or upscale hotel lounge with a couple of other single ladies.

Even if you are not the type to go to a typical singles bar, this is your evening to try something out of your comfort zone. Plus it’s a no brainer that it will contain other single people for you to mingle with.

Make sure to avoid bars or lounges in restaurants. It likely won’t have many other singles. Plus even though you’re totally a badass, single and happy lady. You don’t necessarily want to see couples having romantic dinners or people getting proposed too.

Smile And Be Approachable

Once you’re at your chosen location remember you’re there to have fun! So let down your guard, relax and smile. And your confidence will be magnetic.

Keep in mind approachability when planning on who to ask to join you for the nights festivities.  Make sure that they’re friends that are high vibing. And as positive as you are about making the night fun.

Also, guys do not want to approach a wall of women. So there should be no more than three of you.

Make an extra effort to look special. It will help shift you into flirt mode. Consider wearing red, as it has been found to actually increase attraction in the opposite sex.

Also try wearing heels, even if they are kitten heels. Heels support good posture, make you stand taller, elevate your walk to a sexy sway and your butt will look amazing too!

What If You Really, Really Don’t Want To Go To A Bar?

Place #3 – Local Singles Valentines Day Events & Mixers

There are usually plenty of other options available to connect with other single people.

For local Valentine’s Day events check out, event bright, singles paint night, or google “valentines day singles events” plus your city and see what pops up.

Flirting 101 For A Fun Night Out On Valentines Day

1. Be Receptive And Approachable

Men need strong clues that you are interested and are much more likely to approach you if you are approachable. Makes sense, right? Its really just a matter of opening up your body language, putting away the smart phone, making friendly eye contact and smiling warmly.

2. Make Eye Contact

Strong eye contact is key for flirting and so is getting in the right frame of mind. I can never say this enough – the right mind set is the single most important thing you must master. Because whatever you’re thinking and feeling on the inside will radiate from you on the outside.

The right mindset translates into confidence. And confidence is sexy!

3. Use The 5 Second Flirt Technique

Now that you’re approachable, be The Chooser. Drop the handkerchief and let him know you’re interested.

Smile and make eye contact, hold your gaze for longer than you think is possible. Three to five seconds should do it. Look way smiling and look back again quickly with another smile. Let your eyes sparkle.

Practice before hand if you need to get more comfortable with the flirting process.

4. Have A Conversation Opener Ready To Go

Asking someone what they do for a living is the most asked question and also the most boring. Great conversation is about making a emotional connection. If you aren’t the most practiced at this, have some interesting flirty questions to ask a guy on hand. Which will help to beak the ice.

A very simple technique that works very well to initiate contact with a guy is to ask him if he could take a photo of you and your friends. Then start a conversation from there.

You could also just be very simple as ask him “What was the best part of your week?”. Or a playful “Cheers” and clink glasses. It doesn’t have to be hard, you just have to get the ball rolling.

Asking a guy their opinion on something or giving him a compliment is also a good start. Think flirty.

For more flirting tips read 7 Subtle Flirting Moves That Get The Guy.

5. Have Fun!

Being confident and completely owning who you are is Sexy. Your Playfulness is Sexy. Your Smile is Sexy.

Enjoy your valentines night out and send out great energy. Remember that dating and meeting new people should be a fun experience for you.


If you still feel like you want to hide yourself away and avoid the day all together? Remember there’s no harm in getting out there and seeing what your options are.

Best case scenario? You meet the man of your dreams. Worst case? You have a fun Valentines Day out with your girlfriends.

There’s really nothing to loose.

Happy Valentines Day!




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