Single & Shy? 6 Easy Tips To Build Your Dating Confidence

Does the thought of meeting and dating new people make you nervous, anxious or uncertain?  Not just where to meet someone great, but how to actually get comfortable and talk to the people that you actually like? The dating scene can be tough to navigate if you’re a single shy guy or gal looking for love, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are 6 easy tips that you can help you overcome shyness and build your dating confidence.

1. Fake It Until You Make it

Visualization is used by successful people in all areas of life, from CEO’s to professional athletes because it works. Before you engage in any social or dating related activity take the time to imagine the best possible outcome.

Don’t get caught up in overthinking things or worrying over past mistakes. Get yourself centered and start from a place of now. You are in control of your experiences, choose a positive mind set and don’t let past or future fears hold you back.


2. Practice Makes Perfect

Ease your dating anxiety by making conversation with others a daily practice. As you go along in your day make it a point to interact with others. Getting your coffee in the morning, working out or walking your dog in the park are all opportunities to create little conversations.

Start with simple topics, say Hi, comment on the weather, what type of coffee the person has etc. The more you put this into practice the more natural it becomes. Soon you’ll be a natural flirt!

3. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Sometimes it’s easier to come out of your shell when you change your environment. Shake up your routines, try getting your coffee at a different place one morning, exploring a new neighborhood or grabbing a drink at bar by yourself one day after work.

4. Get Active

Take steps to develop a new skill set. Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn but have been putting off? It could be anything from a new language, taking a life drawing class, or learning how to play guitar.

Whatever that thing is that you have been thinking about doing, do it!. Not only will you get a confidence boost from your new accomplishment, you might make a great connection in the class.

5. Say Yes Challenge

Sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in our work / home routine. But that isn’t doing you any favors, only enforcing the feelings you already have. For the next 3 months take the “Say Yes Challenge” and commit to going to everything that you are invited to.

Sometimes the most unexpected or random events can end up with you making the best connections. Make chatting up new people a game.  Tell yourself you can’t leave until you talk to at least three new people.

The secret is to put the focus on connecting. Learn how to be curious and ask interesting questions. You’ll soon find that conversation flows naturally.

6. Be Kind To Yourself

You are not alone, at one time or another, we’ve all experienced similar fears while dating. Practice makes perfect and the only way to actually change your life is to take action and do something different.

You can’t control everything that happens but you can work towards accepting and being compassionate with yourself and in the end enjoy the process. I hope that with these tips you are able to move past single and shy to dating with confidence!



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Shy & Single? 6 Easy Tips To Build Dating Confidence

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