Why Some Guys Text Instead Of Call

Why Do Some Guys Only Text And Never Call?

Why do some guys only text and never call? 10 reasons why some guys text instead of call. What it means and what to say to a guy who only texts.

Moving from texting to calling is a natural part of the dating process. It tells you that he likes you and makes you feel like the relationship is getting more serious. 

Texting can also be a lot fun too. Well at first anyway. That is until it starts to seem like the only thing that he ever wants to do is text. 

What to do when he never calls

As time goes by you start to wonder what the issue is. You think that he really likes you, and there does seem to be a great connection. So what’s the hold up? When is he going to move things along and call already?

Well if this is you, then you should know that you are not alone. Because its seems like women have been asking the question, “Why does he text and never call?”. For as long as there have been cell phone plans.

Today I’m sharing 1o real reasons that guys only text and never call. As well as what it means if a guy keeps texting you. In addition to what to say to a guy that only texts to get him to call you.

Why Do Some Guys Only Text And Never Call?

Some guys only text and never call because it’s the quickest and most efficient way of communicating with you without actually committing to you. A guy will keep only texting if likes you but wants to keep things casual. Especially if he thinks that there is potential to hook up with you at some point in the future. Essentially if he’s in text only mode, then he most likely isn’t serious about getting into a real relationship with you.

While this is true of most of the guys that only contact you via text message there are a few exceptions. There are some guys that do like you, but don’t call you because they are nervous or shy. Or in some cases, a guy may simply not know that you want him to call you.

Which is why it’s important to let a guy know that you want him to call you as early on as possible.

Then if he calls then you can take that as a positive sign. That he’s interested in getting to know you more.

If he doesn’t then that is also a sign that he’s not looking for anything serious and it’s time for you to move on. 

10 Reasons Why Some Guys Only Text And Never Call

1. He’s Just Not That Into You

The #1 reason that a guy only texts and never calls is because he’s just not interested in anything serious with you. He keeps up the texting because he likes you, finds you attractive and enjoys messaging you. But at the end of the day none of that really matters. 

Because he isn’t looking anything serious. And most likely has no intention of being committed to you or anyone else.

2. He Doesn’t Know That You Want Him To Call You

The second biggest reason why he’s only texting and not calling is because he doesn’t know that you want him to call you. Many times as women we assume that a man should know what we want. But the reality is that men aren’t mind readers you have to tell them what you want.

Ok so at this point you may be saying to yourself – isn’t calling a girl something all guys know about and do when they like you? Well yes and no. 

Most guys that commitment oriented and are serious about getting to know you will make an effort. He will do something to move the relationship forward and either call you or ask if they can. 

However, these days texting has definitely thrown a curve ball into the dating process. And made things more complicated.

While dating can feel nerve-wracking and hard. Sending a quick message over text feels easy and it’s convenient.

why do guys text instead of call

Not to mention that if he’s only texting it’s much easier to distance himself from feeling nervous or the possibility of being rejected.

Which means that if a guy can keep texting. Then he will most likely keep texting Unless, and until you tell him otherwise.

There are also many guys who like you but don’t even think to call. Because they personally prefer texting to talking, and assume that you’re also perfectly happy texting too.

Another reason a guy may be only texting is because that’s the way it was with his last girlfriend. Or he could be nervous or unsure if it’s even ok to call you. 

There could be many more situations like this. So the bottom line is this.

If you like him and want to give him a chance to take that next step with you. Then ask him to call you. 

If he does that is a good indication that he’s interested in you.

If he doesn’t make the effort to have a simple phone conversation with you, then that’s a sure sign too.

3. He’s Keeping His Options Open

If you’ve met online or on a dating app then he is most likely texting multiple women. Many men simply enjoy the chase. They want options and nothing more. 

In this case, a guy won’t pick up the phone and call you because he doesn’t have too. 

He can just just keep collecting numbers and texting you and other women. For as long as you keep texting him back.

When you stop responding or if you do ask him for more. He’ll simply disappear and move on to the next woman. 

4. He Craves Attention

He keeps texting instead of calling because he’s craving attention and likes the validation he gets when he’s texting multiple women. 

This is the kind of guy that treats texting as a form of casual entertainment to break out when he is bored or lonely. As long as you keep responding, he will keep texting.

He’s also the kind of guy that is going to disappear and re-appear until you finally either stop replying or cut him off by blocking him.

5. He Doesn’t Know What He Wants

If he’s texting you but not making a move to call you, then it could be because he doesn’t know what he wants. This usually happens when you meet a guy online or on an app that is newly single. 

This type of guy never takes things past the texting stage. Because although he may like you and even like the idea of meeting someone.

The reality is that he’s just not ready to actually date to anyone or be in an exclusive relationship again.

6. He Wants To Be Friend With Benefits

This is an obvious one but it needs to be said. Sadly, there are guys out there that will keep contacting a woman over text and avoid calling her. If the thinks that there’s potential for a booty call one day. 

If you think that he’s a player then it’s probably time to stop responding to his texts and block him all together.

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7. He’s Likes You But Is Being Cautious

If a guy is new to the dating scene or just got your number he may just be holding back and erring on the side of caution before deciding to call. It may be that he wants to call but is unsure if that’s what you want. He may think that it’s too early to call and doesn’t want come across as pushy or aggressive.

In this case, he may eventually ask you if he can call you. But if you want to move things along? Go ahead and let him know that you want him to call you. 

8. He’s Not Available

He can’t call you on the phone because because he’s not single. He’s either married, or already has a girlfriend.

He may also not be who he says he is. So he can’t actually speak with you on the phone, over FaceTime or video chat. Without risking his lies being exposed.

9. He Is Insecure or Socially Awkward

A guy may prefer to text because he gets insecure, shy or nervous talking to women. So much so, that he is afraid that if he calls you he will mess things up in some way. 

Some men do struggle with social anxiety. So it’s much easier for them to hide behind a series of texts. Then put themselves out there. Even on a simple phone call. 

This way he can plan out what to say to you. Instead of worrying about his nerves getting the best of him on the phone.

10. He Texts Instead Of Calls Because He Can

Typically men like to communicate in a way that is practical, logical and efficient. Texting is exactly that. Whether it’s a guy with less than honourable intentions. Or a guy that actually likes you and does want to date you.

Many men will stick to texting because it’s easy. And will continue to message you for as long as you let him. 

But the good news is that you can change this pattern.

First, by letting him know that you want him to him to pick up the phone and call you. Then next, by not replying or engaging with him over text message until he does. 

Once you take this step, you’ll quickly be able to tell by his actions if he’s actually into you or not. 

What Does It Mean When A Guy Only Wants To Text And Never Calls?

When a guy only wants to text and never calls, it means that he is not that into you and doesn’t see a future with you. Men that are interested in a committed relationship will call you, make plans and take you out on real dates. If he’s only texting, then the odds are that he likes you but he’s just not interested in anything more than a casual relationship.

If this is the case, then save yourself the heartbreak. And go out and find a relationship ready man who is willing to commit to you.

Why does a guy only text and not call

What To Say To A Guy Who Only Texts

If a guy is only texting you but you want him to call say to him: “I’ve enjoyed texting with you. I’d like to get to know you more but I find texting isn’t the best way. I’d love to chat with you on the phone this week and then hopefully meet up for a date after that. I’m free this Tuesday or Wednesday night at 7:30. Does that work for you?**Smiley face emoji**”.

For more examples of what to say to a guy to get him to stop texting and start calling. Check out my article here >> How To Get A Guy To Call You Instead Of Texting (+10 Examples Of Exactly What To Say)

Why Do Guys Text Instead Of Call

Guys like to text instead of call simply because they can. Guys like to keep their communication style as simple and as direct as possible and texting is exactly that. A very convenient and direct way of communicating with you. Even if a guy really likes you and wants to date you. He will most often stick with texting as his main form of communication until you tell him that you would prefer otherwise.

He Never Calls Me, Only Texts

If a guy only texts you and never calls it’s definitely something you need to pay attention to. Especially, if you like him. However it’s vital to remember that getting him on the phone is only one important step.

In order to see if there’s really anything between you and create a real healthy relationship. Things have got to go further than a phone call.

Which means that this guy has to not only call you. He’s also got pursue you, ask you out on dates and see you in real life.

Otherwise, you’re just wasting your time and missing out on dating a man who is truly interested in you.

A man that will pursue you. Pick up the phone and call you. Make plans and court you in real life. 

The remedy for the guy that only texts and never calls is to get him to take action. This means asking him to call you. If this makes you feel nervous that’s ok. But this is your dating life too.

It’s crucial to communicate to him what your dating standards and expectations are. Wether that’s a phone call, a video chat over FaceTime or meeting in person on a date.

Your needs are important and a great, commitment oriented guy that is into you will respect that.

So let him know what you want. It’s truly the best way to get concrete proof that he’s seriously interested in you. 



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