Dating during the holidays. Your questions answered by a dating expert.

Just started dating someone new? Your holiday dating questions answered (+ Gift Ideas!)

You’ve met someone amazing, its going really well but it’s still early and along comes the holiday season, bringing up all kinds of questions. Like  should you buy a christmas gift for someone you just started dating? When is to soon to buy a gift or should you even bring it up?

This time of year can be so much fun for couples, but it can also add a major layer of anxiety. Especially if it’s still fairly early in the relationship and you’re unsure of the proper etiquette and each other’s expectations. Here are the top 3 dating questions I get asked from those in the early stages of a relationship around the holidays and how to deal with them.

Dating Dilemma #1: Should We Exchange Gifts?

Some factors to consider are how long you’ve been dating, and is it casual or headed for something more serious? As a general rule, if you’ve had a few great dates and more are planned, I recommend something small and thoughtful. For most people this would look like something in the $25-$30 range.

Don’t go to extremes, such as expensive jewelry or other big ticket items as this can cause undue awkwardness for you both. Especially if they weren’t expecting to exchange gifts and they don’t have one for you. Think of something they mentioned, hobbies, interests, etc. and take it from there.

How about: supplies for the dabbling artist, for the wine lover a book on wines from their favorite region, even something as simple as baking them their favorite cookies. This type of thoughtfulness can really mean a lot to a person, it shows you care and that you’ve been paying attention.

Dating Dilemma #2: Should I Meet Their Family or Introduce Them To Mine?

Meeting family can be a high pressure situation. Again consider the stage you’re at. If you’ve just started dating it’s usually a good idea to save it for another time. If you’ve been dating for a couple of months and are somewhat exclusive then have a conversation.

This can be a stressful time of year so don’t add to it by putting pressure on the other or passing judgment as to how serous you’re getting by whether or not you are invited. If you find yourself getting in your head about it, stop, take a breather and relax! The time will come when you are both ready.

Dating Dilemma #3: What About New Year’s Eve, Do I Have A Date?

Don’t assume anything. Relationships are about communication, and you shouldn’t feel afraid to ask questions. If you’re a guy, what are you waiting for? Ask already! I can guarantee you she’s already wondering.

If you’re a girl, something a simple as “What are your plans for New Years?” will do. He will either invite you or not. If plans are made, great! If not don’t take it personally, it’s still in the early stages. Just make your own plans. Sure it would be nice to have a date, but having a life is one of the most attractive qualities out there.

“Sure it would be nice to have a date, but having a life is one of the most attractive qualities out there.”

Keep In Mind

The holidays should be fun and dating should be fun. Try not to put too much pressure or unrealistic expectations on yourself or each other and remember that communication is the key to a successful and happy relationship.

Wishing You Peace, Joy & Love,


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