3 Questions To Ask On A First Date
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3 Perfect Questions To Ask Him On Your First Date (Is He The One For You?)

Wonder if He could be The One? Ask these 3 Perfect First Date Questions

As much as we might not want to admit it, first dates can mean so much more to us than just two strangers meeting. The hope and the anticipation that this could be HIM, will always be there in the back of your mind. Along with wondering if he’s right for you, you might find yourself thinking some other not so welcome anxious thoughts like….

Will he like me?

Will I like him?

So many emotional highs and lows and that’s before you even gotten to the date!

In the short 3 minute video below, I’m sharing with you 3 perfect questions to ask on a first date. As you watch, I would love for you to keep in mind that these questions are meant to help you navigate connecting with your date on a real level.

Could This Be Blocking You?

I believe that Love & Dating advice should Empower you and lately, I’ve seen a trend in the dating world. With many offerings and articles like “How to get your Ex Back”, “Secret Scripts” or telling women that they’re single because they aren’t “feminine enough” with some OK and some not so OK (IMHO) advice.

And ok yes, I will admit, that sometimes I’ve used those enticing titles to. But I do strive to give advice that is rock solid and in no way aimed at manipulating the opposite sex. 

While reading these articles and watching the videos can be fun and have a place in our modern dating world. It’s important for you to use all of this information as a tool. To drive you towards deeper connection, and not as something which will paralyze you.

Leaving you feeling like you need to rely on something outside of yourself to get a certain result with a man. Used to much scripts can have the opposite effect of what you want, resulting in you spiralling in fear and self doubt. Instead of the empowered and confident dater that I know you really want to be.

As well as keeping you stuck, or in fear based energy, relying too much on scripts will actually push you further from the key elements of creating authentic connection. Healthy communication and a deeply passionate relationshipUltimately blocking you in developing the skills that you need to have and maintain a healthy relationship.

Communication is key to healthy love and the 3 questions I’m sharing with you are designed to help you with this.

Think of dating as practice for your future relationship and get comfortable having difficult conversations.

It also builds MEGA self-confidence which is totally sexy!

Where scripts can be helpful, is if used as an example for learning a formula for how to navigate a difficult situation or conversation. For example learning how to set boundaries, learning how to text for connection, to navigate online dating, or asking to have a certain need met. 

When I work with clients I’ll often give them a simple formula and example conversation as a tool so they’re able to be both clear and actually use it and easily adapt it over time.

So what should you ask on a first date?

Click to watch the video below and find out!

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The final questions are for You….Knowing what questions to ask is key but it’s not helpful unless you are already really clear on where you stand, so before you head out on your next date ask yourself these questions:

What are my life goals: personal, professional and romantic?

What are my views of romantic relationships?

What do I value in a partner?

Do I know my wants and needs and what makes me really happy? (I’m surprised at how often I come across women that haven’t really thought about it)

The clearer you get, the easier it is to create connection on both sides. You also find yourself one step closer to answering that question is he right for you and knowing that yes, he is.



PS. Don’t forget that where you go on a first date matters too! Avoid the dreaded coffee date and instead go for one of these 20 Fun Weeknight First Date Ideas. And a few more good low-key first date ideas.

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3 Questions To Ask On A First Date

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