Best weekday first date ideas. 20 Fun things to on a first date during the week after work.

20 Fun Weekday First Date Ideas (Easy Dates You’ll Both Love)

Fun, low key weeknight activities for first dates that are better that dinner or drinks. These best ideas from a dating coach who knows what works.

First dates can be an incredibly exciting yet nerve-wracking experience for both people involved. You want to make sure it goes perfectly and that you have an amazing time together. Which means it’s important to pick an activity that’s fun and memorable, but also something that isn’t too over the top. 

Enter the weeknight date. Weekdays make the perfect first date when you’re just getting to know someone, because they’re low-key yet still incredibly fun.

In this post you’ll find great ideas for fun, unique weekday first dates that are sure to make for an enjoyable and unforgettable night for you both.

Weekday First Date Ideas

From low-key activities to more adventurous outings, below you’ll find ideas to help spark a connection and inspire romance with your special someone:

1. Explore An Art Gallery Or Museum

Wandering around an art gallery or your local museum together is great way to break the ice on a first date. It also helps that there’s a seemingly endless supply of conversation starters readily available. So you won’t have to worry about filling any of those awkward first date silences.

2. Paint Something Together!

Check out a paint and sip night or go to a “You Paint It” pottery studio. Not only to do they make an affordable first date. You’ll have a ton of fun painting and chatting with your partner. Paint nights are usually held in local pubs or bars during weekdays. And “you paint it” pottery studios are a fun place to go on a date any night during the week after work.

3. Take A Craft Brewery Tour

A brewery tour is the perfect way to spend a weeknight with a new potential partner. You’ll both learn something interesting on the tour. Plus, you’ll get to sample some delicious craft beer while enjoy each other’s company in a unique and fun atmosphere.

4. Hit Some Balls At The Driving Range

If you both share an interest in golf then head to the driving range together! While golfing may not be the first activity that comes to mind when you think of a romantic date, it can be a great choice for a casual weeknight date. Plus it’s an easy and accessible way to enjoy some quality time with your partner while enjoying a low-key and relaxing experience.

5. Get Flirty At An Arcade

For playful and flirty date idea it’s hard to beat a first date at an arcade. Or if you prefer to have a few cocktails you can check out a for adults only Bar-cade. Play some nostalgic favorites and have some cheeky fun with a little friendly competition. The perfect setting to laugh and get your flirt on and ask some flirty questions!

6. Play Bocce Ball In The Park

Planning a date after work on a weeknight doesn’t have to feel like a chore! Playing a game of bocce ball in the park is a cute, easy, and affordable first date idea for weeknights. This activity will give you plenty of time to get to know your partner in a safe and relaxed environment.

Plus, with some friendly competition thrown into the mix, there’s sure to be plenty of laughter. Whether you win or lose doesn’t matter – it’s all about having fun together!

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Weekday First Date Ideas (That Aren’t Awkward)

7. Go To A Board Game Cafe 

Playing board games together at a board game cafe (or local pub) can be the perfect way to break the ice on a first date. Not only are they a ton of fun but you’ll have lots to talk about.

8. Visit Your Local Planetarium

Have your first date among the stars! Although having a first date at a planetarium may not immediately spring to mind. It actually makes a great weekday date night activity. Not only is it engaging it can be incredibly interesting for you both.

9. Go Miniature Golfing

Miniature golfing is the perfect first date idea for a relaxing weeknight out. It’s casual and low-key, so you can get to know each other without the pressure of a more formal setting. Plus, it has all the benefits of being outdoors in fresh air, enjoying some friendly competition and getting active together.

Fun + Casual Midweek First Date Ideas

10. Have A Game Of Pool At A Dive Bar

For a fun twist in a unique atmosphere, why not have your first date over a game of billiards at a dive bar? Not only is it an inexpensive weeknight date idea, but it’s also guaranteed to bring out your competitive side. Plus, it’s a great way to get the conversation flowing and break the ice! Bars and Pool Halls are usually open until the early hours making them a good choice if you need a late night date option.

11. Check Out An Improv Show

If you want a change from the typical cocktails and first date conversation date then switch it up by taking your date to an improv show. It’s an entertaining atmosphere that will give you lots to talk about. What’s cool about this activity is that even though you’re out on a weeknight after work it can make it feel more like it’s a weekend. Which adds up to create a nice “date night” vibe.

12. Take A Wine Tasting Class

If you’re both wine lovers, a wine tasting class is an excellent first date for a weeknight. You’ll both have a delightful and unique date night experience, while getting to know your potential new partner better. Plus nothing says classy, romantic date night like a glass of wine!

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13. Go To The Dog Park

Weekday dates don’t have to be complicated. If you and your date both have dogs and are looking for an adventure with a furry twist, then check out the dog park together. Not only will you find out if they’re a good match for you. You’ll also get to see what kind of puppy parent they are.

If you like this low-key first idea but you don’t have a dog of your own don’t worry! You can always borrow one from a friend, or volunteer to walk one from an animal shelter.

14. Team Up & Test Your Knowledge At Trivia Pub Quiz Night!

Trivia nights make a unique and cool first date option! Plus, it’s sure to spark some entertaining conversation and get your competitive juices flowing. As you and your date team up and test your knowledge on all sorts of topics – from sports and entertainment to history, geography, pop culture, music, science, and more. If you don’t know the answers? No problem! Just work together with your date to come up with some creative guesses! 

15. Get Cupcakes At A Bakery

For an easy and cute weeknight date idea head to your local bakery and get a few cupcakes to try. Not only are they fun to pick out together, it’s an activity that can be enjoyed whatever the weather may be.

In the summer or fall you can eat them outside or take them to park or beach. And if it’s snowing or there’s a light spring drizzle outside, then chilling in the cozy atmosphere of the bakery with its intoxicating aroma of freshly-baked goods is sure to set the stage for an enjoyable evening.

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Easy weeknight first date ideas

Weeknight Date Ideas

16. Go Late Night Bowling!

A bowling date is a tried and true classic date night option. Affordable and fun! In addition, going during the week on a Wednesday or Thursday night gives you a chance to beat the busy weekend crowds.

17. Grab A Coffee & Browse A Bookstore Together

As a dating coach I don’t typically recommend coffee dates to my coaching clients. They can be just plain awkward and often turn into stale conversation that feels like a job interview. However, if you don’t have a lot of time during the week sometimes grabbing a coffee seems like the easiest and quickest option. In that case, I recommend to elevate the experience by getting a coffee and then exploring a book store together.

You can wander around and share your favorite titles as well as, what’s next on your reading list. Or you can make a game of it by asking what their favourite genre, and authors are. Then pick-out an interesting book for each other.

Best First Date Ideas For During The Week After Work

18. Get Ice Cream And Go For A Walk

If you looking for a quick and simple date idea that’s enjoyable and budget-friendly then head out for an ice cream date night. It’s a little more playful and interesting than just going for plain old coffee.

Yet, it’s still a low key, casual way to get to know your potential new love interest better. Plus, what kind of ice cream they order can be a good conversation starter. As well as, tell you a lot about how adventurous they are as a person. And whether or not they’re will to share!

19. Listen To Live Music At A Casual Lounge

Live music is a great way to break the ice and enjoy some relaxed conversation over a few cocktails. Plus it’s hard to beat the romantic ambiance of a cozy lounge setting.

20. Indoor Trampoline Park Date

If you’re both the adventurous type with a playful side then this date is a nice way to spice up your week! Let your hair down and jump to your hearts content at an indoor trampoline park. Plus, it’s pretty hard not to have fun with someone when you’re jumping on a trampoline together!

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Best First Date Ideas For During The Week After Work

Well there you have it! 20 ideas for a casual date night spot that won’t lead to awkwardness. Especially useful, if you’re meeting for the first time after matching on a dating app like Tinder, Bumble or Hinge.

So if you’re ever stuck wondering where to go on a first date on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night during the week afterwork you’re covered! Just keep this list of 20 fun weekday first date ideas in mind. And your night will sure to be a success! If all goes well you may even get to a second or third date.

Happy Dating! 

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