"Is it normal for first dates to be awkward?" Why most first dates almost always awkward and that's ok.

“Is It Normal For First Dates To Be Awkward?”

“Is it normal for first dates to be awkward?”. What’s ok and normal on a first date. Plus tips to make a first date less awkward.

First dates can be thrilling and filled with so much potential for things to go right. At the same time, there’s a lot of pressure. That comes with making a good first impression and for the date to go perfectly.

All of which can lead to feelings of nervousness and uncertainty. Filling you with anxiety about what to expect and how the night will go.

Are first dates always awkward? What's ok and normal on a first date.

As a dating coach one common concern that I find people have is whether or not it’s ok or normal for a first date to be awkward. Often people feel that a successful first date should have an instant spark, and be a smooth and effortless experience.

That if there’s an awkward silence or moment or two, or if sparks didn’t fly immediately. Then it means that the date was a failure in some way. However, the truth is that’s not always the case.

In this article, I’m sharing with you wether or not it’s normal and ok for a first date to feel awkward. As well as giving you a few tips to make a first date less awkward. So you can expect to have the most successful date possible.

Why are first dates awkward? It it ok?

Is It Normal For First Dates To Be Awkward?

Yes, it’s perfectly normal and okay for first dates to be awkward. Even the most outgoing, confident or experienced people can feel nervous at some point on a first date. Mainly due to the pressure of feeling like they have to make a good impression with someone they barely know.

Is An Awkward First Date Bad?

Awkwardness on a date isn’t bad, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that the date isn’t going well. Sometimes an awkward silence or moment is a product of the excitement of first date nerves. You’re nervous and your date probably is too. All normal and natural.

First dates come with a lot of amped up expectations. You want to be liked and you want to like them. You want to have fun, connect, feel a spark and for the conversation to be easy and flowing.

Even though you don’t actually even know this person.

Is An Awkward First Date" Bad?"

When you think about everything involved, it’s a very tall order to expect a first date to be perfect. Or to never have an awkward silence or moment.

Especially if you’re meeting for the first time after matching on a dating app like Bumble or Hinge.

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Are First Dates Always Awkward?

Are First Dates Always Awkward?

All things considered, there’s almost no way that there won’t be some trace of nervous energy charging the air. Which in turn, means that you can expect most, if not all first dates to always be awkward. At least at some point.

However, first dates don’t have to go perfectly for them to be successful. In fact, I’ve had many, many clients that ended up in a relationship and are still together, after going on an awkward first date.

Because, sometimes it’s those little moments of awkwardness that can make a first date more charming and memorable. You can see that the person is being real and authentic. Not trying to hard to be entertaining or a version of somebody that’s really “cool”.

Authenticity is very attractive, and awkward moments happen. It’s how you deal with them and move past them that matters. Furthermore, what’s going to determine whether or not you have a successful first date.

Why Are First Dates So Awkward?

Why Are First Dates So Awkward?

It’s common for first dates to be awkward due to nervousness that comes from wanting to make a good impression. Fear of rejection, or anxiety about what to talk about, where to go or how to act. All while trying to assess if you even like the person enough to go on a second date.

Furthermore, if you’ve been set up on a blind date, or matched on a dating app, there’s whole other level of uncertainty. Coupled with anticipation and miss matched expectations that can lead to awkward moments.

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How Do You Make First Dates Less Awkward?

How Do You Make First Dates Less Awkward?

To make a first date less awkward keep the following points in mind:

  • First avoid stale coffee dates or overly fancy settings. Instead choose a fun activity based date that you’ll both enjoy. Think Bowling, Mini-golf, Trivia night, Museums etc.
  • Next, have a positive attitude and don’t put too much pressure on the situation. It’s only a first date. You’re not going to meet your future spouse.
  • Thirdly, to keep the conversation flowing make sure that you have some good first date conversation starters on hand.
  • Be present, and curious about your date and ask open ended questions.
  • Finally, try to relax, have fun and enjoy the experience. Regardless of any uncomfortable moments that may arise.

If you need a few low-pressure date ideas here’s a list 50 fun low-key first date ideas (that aren’t awkward).

First Dates Are Very Often Awkward (& That’s OK)

Awkward dates and moments can happen to anyone and that’s ok and normal. What matters most is to be yourself. Connect with the other person as much as you can and have fun. In spite of any uncomfortable moments that may come up.

It’s also important to keep mind that those awkward moments are only temporary. If you relax, they’ll soon pass.

Furthermore, just because a first date was awkward at some point, it doesn’t mean that your second date or third date won’t go smoothly.

There’s also more good news, if you want to make a date less awkward you can do that! Read my article here where I share my 12 easy tips > How To Make A First Date Less Awkward

And if all goes well, who knows? You may even end up with an adorable story about how your first date went.

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