How To Be A Highly Magnetic and Irresistible Woman

What Makes A Woman Magnetic And Irresistible? The 3 key traits that you must know to become a highly captivating woman and attract a quality man.

We’ve all seen the woman with that “It” factor…that something special about her. She’s confident, effortlessly attractive, irresistible, radiant, alluring and turning heads. What’s her Secret? What makes her a magnetic and irresistible woman?

The truth is that any woman can exude this kind of special confidence and charm. In todays post we’re sharing with you how.

Wwhat makes a woman irresistible

How To Be An Irresistible Woman

Believe it not becoming an irresistible woman isn’t about changing yourself or twisting yourself into something that you’re not. At the end of the day it’s all about learning how to shine, and stand in your confidence. Ultimately, becoming more you, than you’ve ever been.

Below you’ll find the keys to being a magnetic and irresistible woman:

1. An Irresistible Woman Chooses Herself First

A naturally attractive woman has desire, drive and invests in herself. She’s figured out what she wants, made herself a priority and taken action. She’s done The Work.

We all want amazing things for ourselves. Yet many, if not most people are unwilling to take the steps necessary to get there. Whatever it is you want in life whether it’s in your career or to have incredible love, it doesn’t just happen.

It’s created.

The traits of a magnetic woman

Do you find yourself meeting your own needs first or putting them on the back burner for everyone else?

What would your life look like, if you took the time to invest in yourself?

The truth is that especially when it comes to dating, when you make yourself a priority others will start to as well.

How to be an alluring woman

2. She Follows Her Passions

There’s nothing sexier than a woman that’s doing something that lights her up inside. The highly attractive woman takes risks and follows her interests.

She isn’t waiting for someone to change her life and rescue her from boredom. She’s already living outside of the work, gym, home routine. Dating for her isn’t just on a computer, she has real life experiences and meets men everyday.

Are you following your passions and creating an interesting life for yourself or  living the same day over and over?

Magnetic woman traits

If you want something different you have to do something different. It may seem simple but it’s 100% true – the key to big changes is actually found in the little routines in your day to day life.

Spend a few minutes and write down all the things that you’d really love to do and then start taking action on them. They can be as little or as big as you want. From taking a cooking class, learning guitar, photography or putting down a deposit on that trip to Italy you’ve been wanting to take for years now.

How To be irresistible

Whatever it is, whatever you’ve been thinking about its important to start living your life now.

Not “someday” when, because for most people someday doesn’t come. Not only will this give you a fresh spark and new outlook on life, you’ll actually be more interesting and have more to offer when you meet the right person.

Magnetic woman traits

3. She’s Raised The Bar

A naturally attractive woman knows her self-worth and maintains high personal standards. She knows how to set boundaries and expectations and communicate her needs effectively. She doesn’t accept crumbs from men when she wants the whole cake.

Do you know your boundaries and how to communicate them? Many women say they want a man to court them, call over text, plan the date, pick them up etc…but when the hot guy that they have “chemistry” with texts at 9 o’clock on a Friday night?

They drop everything, then wonder why he won’t commit, cheats, lies or disappears.

What makes a woman irresistibly attractive

I can’t stress enough how key this is –

You can’t be both convenient and special at the same time. The bottom line is that high value men commit to women that know their own value and aren’t afraid to express it.

Many of us aren’t taught how to set boundaries or how to state them using healthy communication. Learning these skills can feel uncomfortable at first, but are completely necessary to get the relationship you truly desire.

I find that once the women I work with learn this healthy new way of communicating old patterns are broken, players disappear and they start attracting high quality men.

You are the prize, start treating yourself that way and the men you date will too.

What Makes A Woman Irresistible

What makes a woman irresistible is that she exudes confidence and passion. She knows what she wants out of life and isn’t afraid to go for it. She knows her self-worth, and maintains high personal standards. She respects herself and others. Simply put her combination of self-confidence, passion and respect for herself and others is a joy to be around. 

What Makes A Woman Captivating

The common thread here is that the key to being magnetic and irresistible to men. And having that “It” factor – that is the smart, sexy, captivating woman that every man wants always begins from within.

You must choose and value yourself first, before you can expect anyone else to.

affirmation I choose to value & honor myself

There’s that old advice to “just be yourself and he will find you”…

And yes to some degree that’s true IF you’re living as your authentic self, choosing yourself, growing and enjoying life…


If you’re playing small, going through the same old routines expecting it to just happen, without ever really stepping into the life that you want to live it’s actually pretty bad advice.

The kind of advice that will keep you stuck and single.

Stuck in negative patterns, attracting the wrong men and accepting crumbs when you want to be the woman with the whole cake.

Do you have to be perfect, healed every issue, beautiful, top of your career, adventurous, well-traveled super woman?

No, absolutely not!

But you do have to be growing, be on that path, be in action. Doing all the things that make you happy and sometimes doing things that at first might feel uncomfortable but then turn out to be amazing.

What Makes A Woman Magnetic And Irresistible

All roads, every tiny step, every inspired action and idea, no matter how small as long as you keep going, will absolutely lead you to the right place.

The happier and more complete you are, the more you will exude confidence and the energy of an irresistible woman. Becoming magnetic to everything you want in life, including true love.

And I want that for you.




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