Quiz - Is He Playing Me

Is He Playing Me Quiz (Quickly Find Out If He’s Serious)

Is he playing me – quiz? This quiz will quickly tell you if he’s playing with your feelings or if he’s serious and really likes you.

When you first met him you felt swept away. He seemed like the total package – good looking, confident and intensely interested in you. Yet, sometimes you feel like it’s almost too good to be true.

That maybe Mr. Perfect is not all that he appears to be.

You start wonder what his intentions towards you really are. Asking yourself does he like me or is he playing me?

Is he playing me or is he serious quiz

Does He Like Me Or Is He Playing Me

If you feel confused about wether he’s serious about you or not. Then look no further we’re here to help with a simple quiz that you can take to find out!

The quiz will swiftly and accurately tell you wether your relationship with him has a future. Or if he’s just playing with you.

Is He Playing Me Quiz

The quiz below is made up of 20 questions about your relationship. As long as you answer honestly, you will get a highly accurate result. And know for sure whether he likes you or is just playing you.

To get started all you need is:

  1. A pen and paper, or in a pinch you can always use the notes app on your smart phone.
  2. Next read each question and select the answer that best describes your situation. Then mark that down A, B, C or D.
  3. Once you get to the end add up your answers and tally how many A, B, C, D’s etc.

On with the quiz!

Is He Playing With Me – Quiz Questions & Answers

1. Who usually initiates contact the most?

A. He does. He’s always calling or texting me.
B. We both do.
C. We both do, although I seem to initiate more often than he does.
D. I am always calling or texting him first.

2. How often do you see each other?

A. We see each other all the time.
B. Usually on the weekends.
C. We only see each other a few times a month.
D. Rarely, or only at the last minute.

3. When you have plans with him, does he usually keep them?

A. Yes, he does and he always shows up on time.
B. Most of the time, he does.
C. He is very inconsistent. He cancels often or is always late for no good reason.
D. He rarely follows through and is always canceling plans on me.

Is he a player quiz

4. Has he introduced you to his friends?

A. Yes, I’ve met all of his closest friends.
B. A few friends here or there.
C. I haven’t met his friends yet but he’s told me all about them.
D. I’ve never met any of his friends, he doesn’t talk about them much at all.

5. How do you typically spend your time together?

A. We spend our time out and about from the movies, to dinner, drinks and other cool activities. Always talking, laughing and having fun.
B. Depends. We sometimes go out on dates and sometimes stay in.
C. Rarely. We almost always stay in and order food.
D. We always stay in, sometimes there’s food but not always.

6. Does he make you a priority?

A. Yes, I always feel like I’m a priority for him.
B. Most of the time.
C. Sometimes, here or there.
D. No, I never feel like he makes me a priority.

Does he like me or is he playing me quiz

7. Have you made any appearances on his social media?

A. Yes, he has put up a ton of photos of us and I’m tagged.
B. We’ve both put up posts that contain the other person but I’m not tagged.
C. We follow each other on social media but we’re not in any photos together.
D. We don’t follow each other on social media.

8. Does he say one thing when you’re alone and then act a different way when you aren’t together?

A. No, his words match his actions and he is always consistent.
B. Rarely.
C. Ummm, sometimes.
D. Yes, most of the time he says one thing and does another.

9. Does he take you out or buy you gifts? Even if it’s something small?

A. Yes, he goes out of his way to make me feel special.
B. He does, but not every time.
C. Sometimes.
D. Never.

Is he playing me or is he serious quiz

10. How often does he call and text you?

A. We text everyday.
B. Three or four times a week.
C. Once a week, maybe….
D. Rarely. He only texts me once in a while, and it’s usually sometime after 9PM.

11. Do you feel like in your relationship there is a mutual give and take?

A. Yes. He courts me and puts in a lot of effort, but in the end I think it’s pretty even.
B. Sometimes I do.
C. Sometimes, but if I’m being honest I feel like I’m probably putting in more effort than him.
D. No, most of the time, I’m the one putting in all the effort. I’m not sure if he cares at all.

12. When you’re together is he always on his phone, and it feels to you like he’s up to something shady?

A. No. When we’re together he likes to focus on me.
B. Rarely. He’s on his phone now and then but I think it’s for legit reasons.
C. It crosses my mind sometimes.
D. Yes, frequently.

Is he playing me over text

13. How long does it take him to respond to your texts?

A. He texts me back as fast as he can, usually right away.
B. It can take an hour or two.
C. He usually responds more than two hours later.
D. A couple of days. But sometimes a week or more.

14. Do you feel like he’s often secretive about where he goes, what he does and who he’s with?

A. No, he’s really good about letting me know what he’s up to.
B. No, I don’t think so.
C. A lot of the time I feel out of the loop.
D. Yes, I feel like I never know and it feels shady.

15. What are your conversations like?

A. We talk all the time about everything and anything. Our conversations feel connected and effortless – we really click!
B. I enjoy our conversations, but it’s never very deep.
C. Our conversations feel kind of awkward and forced at times.
D. Our conversations are pretty much only about us hooking up.

does he like me or is he playing games

16. If you confront him about something, does he just blow it off by calling you crazy or making you feel like you’ve done something wrong?

A. He never does that and would never do that.
B. It’s happened but only once.
C. Many times.
D. Yes, he does that frequently.

17. Does he ask you about your dreams and goals?

A. Yes, he does that frequently. I feel like he really cares about me.
B. Many times.
C. It’s happened but only once.
D. No, he never gets too deep or asks me much about myself.

18. Has he ever told you that he likes you but isn’t looking for a relationship. Or said to you that he doesn’t want to put a label on things. Or that he can’t be in a relationship for any reason?

A. No. In fact, we’ve talked about our relationship goals and he’s 100% looking for the same things that I am.
B. It’s never come up.
C. Yes, it’s come up but I think that he likes me.
D. Yes, it’s happened.

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does he like me or is he playing me quiz

19. Does he make you question everything you do and say?

A. Never.
B. Rarely.
C. A few times.
D. A lot of the time.

20. Do you think he really likes you, or is he just playing you?

A. I think he really likes me.
B. I am not sure.
C. Sometimes I think he likes me. Sometimes I think that he’s playing me.
D. Yes, I think he might be playing me.

Congratulations! You’ve completed the quiz it’s time to add up your answers!

Please Find Your Quiz Results Below:

If Your Answer Total Is Mostly D’s and A Few C’s:

Sorry, he is definitely playing you!

If you’re reading this then it’s time to face the hard truth that he isn’t the amazing guy that you think he is and he’s out to play you. That he’s stringing you along and when he gets what he wants he’s going disappear as fast as he can. I know this probably isn’t the answer you were hoping for but don’t worry!

Because that only means that there is a better guy out there who will see how amazing you are and treat you like a queen!

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If Your Answer Total Is Mostly B’s And A Few A’s:

He’s showing a lot of promise but, but the jury’s still out.

He’s showing the signs that he may be boyfriend material and that this relationship could be headed towards something solid. However, there still seems to be some tell tale signs that say that something may be missing. But this doesn’t have to mean it’s bad news.

Think of this as your opportunity to initiate a conversation about your relationship to see if you’re on the same page. At this point it’s important that you be honest with him about what your relationship standards and expectations are and ask about his too. Then if you’re not on the same page then it’s probably time to move on. But if you are great! Because now you now where you officially stand with him and can relax!

If Your Answer Total Is Mostly C’s And A few D’s:

Sorry, the signs are all pointing to that he’s not serious enough most likely playing you!

When you really like a guy it’s never easy to find out that he’s playing with your feelings and stringing you along. Especially true, when he seems to be what you want some of the time.

But our guess is that if you’re really honest about what’s going on, you know deep down that something isn’t right. That maybe it’s time to stop ignoring the signs and see him and the relationship for what it really is. Something that doesn’t have a future.

It’s also a sign for you to own your value and honor your needs. By walking away from a relationship that isn’t serving you and is only going to break your heart in the end.

If Your Answer Total Is Mostly A’s and A Few B’s:

He is not playing you! You can relax and stop worrying.

If you got this result, then it’s time for you to relax and stop worry because this guy really likes you! He’s clearly making you and your relationship a priority and showing signs that he genuinely cares for you.

Does He Actually Like Me Or Is He Playing Me

Now that you have your quiz results, we hope that you’re a lot more clear about where things stand with him. Instead of dealing with the emotional ups and downs and asking yourself questions like “does he like me?” or “is he playing me?”.

Because let’s get real – that sh*t is toxic for your mental health. And you deserve much, much better!

Like a loving and supportive relationship that you don’t have to question. With a quality guy that makes you a priority and only wants the best for you.


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