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6 Easy Ways To Get More Dates

Dating? Your Guide To Getting More Dates Now!

Start With You

At its core, finding more dates begins with you. Who is the person you see in the mirror? Are you looking and feeling your best?  What makes you happy? What turns you on? Are you doing things that fulfill your needs or waiting until someday?

This could be anything from buying a new outfit, signing up for snowboarding lessons, getting a massage or going to yoga. This is more than just about being a hottie on the outside, when you look good, you feel good. Take time out to please yourself, in turn your confidence will show.

Expand Your Social Circle

As we get older, one of the things that starts to happen is that our circle of friends gets smaller and smaller. People get married and have kids, drift apart or move. Basically life gets in the way. Many people I work with are not only dealing with feelings of loneliness that can develop from being single, but as those around them couple up, feeling more alone in the world in general.

Expand your social circle by doing more of what you love or are drawn too, join a sports team, take a community class, go to a meet up  or volunteer for something you care about. When you make it a point to meet new people, it leads to all sorts of opportunities and will enhance your life in ways you might never have guessed.

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Go out alone, yes, ALONE. Scary I know, but really that’s only because you’ve never tried it before! Once you get used to it, it can be very freeing and confidence building. You go where you want, when you want, easy. Do you want to be more approachable? Instead of being behind a wall of people, being on your own creates space for you to talk freely.

Start by thinking about kind of person you would like to meet, art lover, sailing enthusiast, intellectual? Check your local listings for events in your area and go out once a week on your own. Give yourself a rule that you can’t leave until you talk to at least 3 people.

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