How to make a man fall in love and commit. 9 Tips to attract and fall in love with Mr. Right.

What Makes A Man Fall In Love and Commit (9 Things That Will Change Your Life)

What makes a man commit and fall in love: 9 key things you need to know to make him fall for you as quickly as possible.

You meet a great guy, you’ve got butterflies and he seems perfect. You start to think he might be the one. Yet you wonder, what makes a man fall in love? What makes him want to settle down? While every man and relationship is going to be different. There are clear and common indicators that will determine whether or not a man will commit to the one . Here’s our guide to what makes a man fall in love and commit.

What makes a man fall in love and commit to a woman?

what-makes-men-commit-to-a-woman1. He Feels Ready

Despite what your dating app experiences have been and mainstream media has led you to believe. Men are actually very commitment oriented and are often found to be the ones saying “I Love You” first.

However, men and women approach committing to a long-term relationship differently.

This might surprise you…

Very often a woman will want a commitment because she is in love and just knows that they can work it out. However men are different. They don’t commit just for love. When it comes to deciding to spend their life with one person, men can have a totally different set of priorities.

Men are hardwired for success and can be very focused on reaching certain goals and milestones before they’re ready to commit.

Every man will have his own unique set of goals. There will be common themes such as – he needs to feel like he  has reached a certain point in his career, a particular status, income level, had a specific experiences, or even be a certain age.

Once he has accomplished his goals, he begins to turn his focus and attention to his next logical step. Allowing himself to the space and time to commit to spending his life with one woman. 

When his is ready, his is ready. As a dating coach for women and men, I have actually seen this in action with my male clients.

I’ve had men come to me after they’ve built a successful business and bought their home and now they want to find the one. Once they have decided, they tend to find their Ms. Right and settle down within a few months of working with me.


2.  He Needs To Know That He Can Make You Happy

This is all about your authenticity. How much you’re really being really honest with him about what you want and need in your life and relationship.

As already mentioned, high quality men are very goal oriented and part of that is knowing they can make their partner happy. They can only do this if you are honest about your needs, wants and desires.

Believe it or not this also includes being able to state your boundaries in a healthy and high value way. Men love a road map to success and boundaries tell them where your fence is.

Most women feel uncomfortable with this step, feeling as if they will chase him away. But the bottom line is this when you are honest with the right guy, he commits its because he is all in. He knows that he can be the man you need. That he can win with you. That he can fulfil your relationship desires.

Which in the end makes for a happier, stronger and more fulfilling soulmate relationship for the both of you.

3.  He Knows That You Understand His Instinct To Be A Provider

We may be living in modern times, but men adore a woman that understands his instinct to protect and provide for them. When a man feels that he provide for you and add value to your life, it opens up his heart to you.

This isn’t about you not being able to do anything for yourself or being weak in anyway. Its about your own ability to receive, in a high value way what he wants to give to you. Even small gestures like getting something off a shelf, letting him pay for dinner or opening the door for you count.

When you’re open to receiving and letting him do things for you,  you’re sending a message that you value yourself. That your are worthy of his time, attention and ultimately a deep commitment.


4. He Feels Respected And Appreciated

This one is huge ladies! To men respect and appreciation is love. In fact, it’s integral to their sense of confidence and self-esteem.

When you treat him with respect you are speaking his love language. When you appreciate his need to provide and all he gives to you, you’re speaking his love language.

Which equals loving him the way he wants and deeply desires to be loved, and he adores you even more.

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5.  He Knows That You Have Your Own Life

While a man wants to know that he can make you happy and provide for you, he still wants to know that you have your own life. He doesn’t want to be saddled with a woman who is so needy that he is her only source of happiness.

He wants to commit to a woman who fully owns her worth, her own goals and is passionate about her life.

A woman that is living a life that is naturally fulfilling and happy will draw men to her like bees to honey. She becomes irresistible and highly magnetic. Making it easier for him to want to be a special part of her life.

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6. He Feels Your Sexy Confidence

It’s a myth that you have the perfect body, be a sex kitten, and have the charm and charisma of a movie star to get a man.

Yes, while its true that men are visual and have a physical type, which is an important part of chemistry and attraction. It’s  not the main factor in the sustainabilty of a healthy relationship and long lasting commitment..

The truth is men are attracted to all types of women. If he has chosen you, the you can rest assured that he loves your body type.

The more you love yourself, own your sexy confidence, and value and honour yourself in all ways.

The more confidence you will instil in him, to value and and invest in you.


7. He Feels Your Vulnerability

This is an integral part of emotional attraction. Just like you, men desire to feel completely accepted and loved for who they are. There are very few safe spaces for men to feel ok with opening up and expressing their feelings.

When you are open and emotionally available and real about who you are with him, you develop his trust. When you are real about coming from your heart, he feels it deeply. Then he himself is able to open his heart and feel safe enough to him to be real with you.

8. He Feels Inspired By You

High quality men are interested in personal growth, learning and bettering themselves. Being with a woman that is not only living her greatest potential but is supportive of him living his, makes him completely enchanted by her.

He adores that she has his best interests at heart and believes in him. That she brings a sense of fun, mystery and adventure to the relationship and lets him see a bigger vision of his greatest potential.

There is a reason the muses have always been portrayed as women. Because there is nothing more inspiring to a man, than feeling the radiance of a woman that encourages the best version of himself. Allowing him to live his personal passion and purpose.


9. He Feels That Life Is Better With You In It

He sees that you are on the same life path with the same goals and there is expansion and adventure in the days ahead. That he has a partner in life that is loyal and has his back. That trusts him and his decisions.

Life is better and more fulfilling because you are in it. He’s able to fully be himself, and know that  you are at his side as his biggest cheerleader and supporter.

What Makes A Man Fall In Love

A man will fall in love and commit when he’s at a time and place in his life where is ready to commit and also feels a deep connection with you that he doesn’t feel with anyone else. Just like you a man is looking for his partner, his lover and his best friend. Once he finds that unique and special woman he won’t hesitate to commit to her.

Your Self-Love & Confidence Is Magnetic

The key thing that I want you to take away from this article is that your own self love is the foundation of the relationship you will have with him. Once you have the foundation, you can learn the practical dating and communications skills that you need to become a man magnet.

What Makes A Man Fall For A Woman

Men value and invest in women who value themselves. A woman that owns her worth and is open to receiving from a man – his courtship, his efforts to provide and give to her. When he feels deeply accepted and connected to her authentically.

This is how men fall in love with a woman and become devoted.

Now that that you understand what makes a man fall in love and commit. I hope you are better able to see which marks you are hitting and which you are missing.

If you want deeply loving, passionate and committed relationship you can have it. I help women get past their commitment blocks everyday so I know it can be done for you too. Take the time to learn and implement what you need to know, to have the man and the committed relationship of your dreams.



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