He texts me everyday but doesn’t make plans

He Texts Me Everyday But Doesn’t Make Plans (+ Get Him To Ask You Out)

Finally the answer to why he texts me everyday but doesn’t make plans. What it means and what to do if he keeps texting but doesn’t ask you out.

When you first get a guy’s number texting can be so exciting. Your heart leaps, when you get his daily good morning text. You smile when touches base in the afternoon and asks how your day is going. You melt, when he sends you photos, flirty emoji’s and says he wants to see you soon.

But then things start to get confusing.

Because the daily texts keep coming, but somehow he never get’s around to making plans or asking you out on  real date.

So what gives? Why does he seem like he’s so into you yet, his actions say otherwise?

Today, I’m going to share with you the top reasons why he texts but never asks you out. In addition to what it really means when this happens.

As well as, what you can do to turn the situation around and get him to ask you out.

The Top Reasons Why He Texts You Everyday But Doesn’t Make Plans

5 Reasons Why He Texts You Everyday But Doesn’t Make Plans

#1 He Doesn’t Want To. The main reason that a guy texts every day but doesn’t make plans is because at the end of the day, he doesn’t want to. You can essentially boil it down to this – he likes you but for whatever reason, he doesn’t like you enough to move the relationship forward. 

And it doesn’t mean that you aren’t an amazing woman either. Just that for whatever reason it’s not a fit for what he’s looking for at the moment.

Because when a man is truly interested in pursuing you. He will want to ask you out and meet you in person. He will want to impress you and take you on dates. 

If he’s not doing that, it’s because he just doesn’t want to.

Men do what they want to do. It’s really as simple as that.

Reasons Why He Texts You Everyday But Doesn’t Make Plans

#2 He’s Not Ready For A Relationship. If he’s texting you daily but not asking you out, then it could be because he wants to dip his toe in the dating pool. Yet, in reality he isn’t ready for a real relationship.

#3 He’s Keeping You As An Option. He knows that he’s not looking for anything serious. Yet, he also knows that he wants options. You know for that day down the line when he does actually feel like making a move.

#4. He’s Needs Attention. If he’s texting you constantly but isn’t asking to see you in person on a date then it’s likely that he’s bored or lonely and looking for some attention. He isn’t serious and just likes the ego boost that he gets when he’s messaging multiple women.

#5 He’s Attached To Someone Else And Not Available. If he’s texting you everyday and not making plans to see you then it’s because he’s already in a relationship with someone else. And he can’t meet you or date you in real life because he’s married or engaged. Already has a girlfriend, or is otherwise unavailable.

When Men Text But Don’t Ask You Out

When Men Text But Don’t Ask You Out

I know that hearing the truth may feel disappointing and be hard to hear. Mainly because those daily messages really start to mess with your head and your heart. Especially, when he seems so sincerely into you. 

Not to mention that he seems to always have a logical reason that it hasn’t happened yet. Like he’s busy at a work with a dead line, or he’s got family in town. Or somehow every weekend gets booked up with plans that simply can’t be changed. And so on.

But if he’s not asking you out. If he can’t ever seem to make getting together in real life work. Then it’s a red flag that you should never ignore.

Because in the long run only texting but never going an a date isn’t dating. It isn’t a REAL relationship. Period.

And if you do want to start something real? Then you’ve got to get off your phone and get together with him in real life. On a real date.

What To Do if He Keeps Texting But Doesn’t Ask You Out

This Is What To Do If He Keeps Texting But Doesn’t Ask You Out

Dating is all about you getting into alignment with a guy who’s going to be a good long-term match for you. A man that shares your core values. As well as your relationship goals and lifestyle goals.

And the only way that you can start to do that is by actually meeting him in person.

Which means that if he’s not moving the relationship forward. Then it’s time for you to align with the kind of relationship that you want.

You can either start ignoring his texts and only focus on men that purse you and ask you on dates.

Or if you really like him and want to give him the benefit of the doubt. Then there are a few things that you can do to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

I suggest doing the following below.

How To Get Him To Call You

How To Get Him To Call You Instead Of Text

I know that you want to meet him in person, but asking a guy to call you first, before you meet can tell you a lot about him.

Besides, texting is easy and you can text from anywhere. On the other hand, a phone call is another level of investment that takes a bit more effort.

Not to mention that sometimes that guy that’s funny and charming over text? When you actually speak to him in person is really completely dull and boring.

So ask him to call you. If he does then that’s a good sign. And if he avoids it and he only texts and doesn’t call? Well then it’s probably time to realize that he’s not ever going to step up and be the man that you imagined him to be.

I also want to note that depending on your comfort level and / or generation. You can also ask him to FaceTime or video chat. But I highly recommend a phone call first because video can be distracting.

How To Get Him To Call You (Example)

The next time he messages you text him this….

“What a great question! You, know, I can talk faster than I can type. Wanna continue this conversation on the phone?…:)”

When He Calls But Doesn't Ask You Out

When He Calls But Doesn’t Ask You Out

If he calls and it goes well. He’ll either ask you out, or he won’t. If it’s getting to the end of the call and he still hasn’t mentioned getting together. Then when you are saying your goodbyes you can say something like this to him…

“It’s been lovely chatting with you, I’d love to get together for a drink this weekend. I’m free Friday at 7 or Sunday at 3. Does that work for you?”

Be specific. Don’t just say I’d love to get together for coffee sometime. Because “sometime” turns into you waiting around for him to set a date and time.

No, you pick two dates and times and then ask him if it works. That way you’re not stuck in dating limbo.

If he doesn’t want to talk on the phone, or doesn’t want to meet after talking on the phone and the daily texts continue. Then it’s decision time for you. You will need to decide if you’re going to continue to engage with him over text or not.

But the reality is, if he’s not going to move the relationship forward. Then he’s showing you that he’s just not worth your time and attention.

And in all honesty, this “textationship” is blocking you from meeting the man that you’re going to actually end up with.

The guy that’s crazy about you and is so excited to be with you. 

So I highly recommend that if this is the case, that you chose you, and delete, and block him.

Then turn your attention to men that are actually texting you and taking you on real dates.

What To Text Him To Get Him To Make Plans

What To Text Him To Get Him To Make Plans

If there is some reason that a phone call or FaceTime / Video chat isn’t an option. Then you can text him something that will encourage him to make a plan and meet you in person.

Text Him This To Get Him To Ask You Out (Example)

“It’s been lovely texting with you. I’d like to get to know you more but I find texting isn’t the best way. If you’d like to plan something I’d love to meet up in person. This week I’m free Wednesday or Thursday night after 7PM. Smiley face emoji”.

If you’re worried that this is too forward. Don’t, because it isn’t. You aren’t asking him out. You’re stating your needs and preferences in a high value and feminine way.

A way which includes very specific requests and information. So that he becomes clear what your expectations are. And in my experience most men respect that type of directness.

Then take note of what happens next. Because a man that is interested in you, will move the relationship forward.

What To Text Him To Get Him To Make Plans

What To Do Next If He’s Doesn’t Ask You Out

I know I may be starting to sound like a broken record here, but it needs to be said. If he doesn’t make plans at that point then it’s time to see the light and just stop engaging with him.

No matter how you feel about him. How fun the flirting has been. Or how cute and charming you think he is.

Texting with him but never meeting in person, isn’t a relationship. And never will be.

You deserve a guy that knows what he wants, and knows that he wants you.

When He Texts But Doesn’t Ask You Out Again

When He Texts But Doesn’t Ask You Out Again

There’s one other common texting situation that women experience that I wanted to mention. One that’s very similar to the above. Only this one comes after you’ve had 1 or two dates. In this instance, you’ve met, and the guy is still texting you daily. But then he never asks you out again.

If this has ever happened to you, then you’ll know that this is another frustrating circumstance to find yourself in. Especially, confusing if you felt like you both had a great time. And thought that things were headed somewhere special with him.

To get yourself out of this predicament, there is a simple text that you can send him. One, that once sent, will let you know where you stand with him.

How To Get Him To Make Plans With You

To get him to make plans with you, send him the following text (example)….

“It’s been lovely texting with you and I had a lot of fun on our date. I’d like to get to know you more but I find texting isn’t the best way. If you’d like to plan something I’d love to meet up again. This week I’m free Wednesday at 7 or Sunday at 3. Smiley face emoji”.

Again this is not you asking him out. It’s stating your desires and expectations. It’s you communicating to him that you’re looking for something real.

If he likes you he’ll make plans, if he’s not serious about you then he won’t.

Again pay attention to those reflags! You are seeing them for a reason.

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How Long Should I Wait For Him To Ask Me Out

How Long Should I Wait For Him To Ask Me Out

If you’ve just met on an online dating site or on an app, a guy that’s really interested will usually suggest meeting up within a few days of text exchanges.

If he’s not asking you out, in that initial meeting period there could be any number of reasons. For instance, there are some guys that will send you daily texts for 1 – 2 weeks because they are waiting for the right time. Often because they don’t want to come across as pushy or aggressive.

Or of course, it could be because he’s one of those guys who will string you along indefinitely.

At this point it’s time to find out which kind of guy he is.

If the texting is starting to drag out past the 1 week mark with still no offer for a date. Then it’s important that you become proactive and take action.

Before, things get too confusing.

So, as soon as possible get to that phone call. Then next, the date.

To do this, use the examples I shared above to get him to call you first and then get to the date.

If you’re feeling worried, don’t fret. Remember, that the examples I shared aren’t you chasing him or asking him out. They’re just you stating your desires.

This is how confident women communicate. At the end of the day, it’s your love life, and it’s ok to take initiative. Then go from there.

Remember that a man that’s into you, and relationship ready. Will be excited to call you, plan a date and meet you in person.

What Does It Mean If A Guy Texts You Everyday But Doesn't Ask You Out

What Does It Mean If A Guy Texts You Everyday But Doesn’t Ask You Out?

If he’s texting you everyday, but never wants to hang out it means that there is something about you that he is attracted to. But he doesn’t like you enough for what he’s looking for or ready for.

And it absolutely nothing to do with you not being good enough or beautiful enough or cool enough.

This is about him, and what he wants and is ready for. Which if he’s not asking you out, is clearly not aligned with your relationship needs and desires.

Yes, there are guys that may be shy at first, and people do sometimes have plans they can’t change.

However, if a guy is really into you he’s not going to string you along. He’s will make an effort to meet you in person. At least once to see if there’s any chemistry.

For more about why some guys will keep reaching out to you even if they don’t want a relationship check out my article here >> Why A Guy Keeps Texting and Reaching Out To You Even Though He Tells You He Doesn’t Want A Relationship

When A Guy Texts You But Doesn't Make Plans To See You

When A Guy Texts You But Doesn’t Make Plans To See You

If you find yourself constantly thinking about why he texts me everyday but doesn’t make plans then it’s an issue. One that if you’re looking for a loving and healthy relationship you can no longer allow to continue.

After all, there are only so many excuses why someone can’t see you. At some point it’s time to realize that he probably doesn’t feel the way about you that you want him to.

I know that it’s disappointing to hear. But it’s better to realize this now before he strings you along any further.

Because you are not an option.

And you don’t deserve to live in a state of confusion. Perpetually accepting crumbs from a guy that you barely know.

Realizing your worthiness and your power in this situation is vital. Because you do have power.

You can either continue to chose being an option or you can choose to align with what you want.

Because you are deserving of having a great man and the kind of relationship that you want.



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