What To Say To Get A Guy To Call You Instead Of Texting

How To Get A Guy To Call You Instead Of Texting (10 Ways + Examples)

How to get a guy to call you instead of texting. 10 ways to get him to stop texting and start calling you. With examples of exactly what to say to him.

Texting can be an amazing way to connect with a promising new guy. There’s nothing that can send your mood soaring like exchanging numbers and getting those first text messages from him. 

In the early stages that connection is so much fun. Until…it starts to seem like all he does is text and nothing else. He doesn’t call, or ask to FaceTime, or plan a real date.

You like him and want to move past the endless texting back and forth to at the very least a phone call.

You wonder what to do…

What to say to him when he never calls me only texts

Should you just ask him to call you outright? Should you call him? Or should you ignore him and hope that eventually one day he’ll call?

Well if you’re here for answers I got them for you. In todays post, I’m sharing 10 easy ways to get a guy to pick up the phone and call you. With examples of exactly what to say to him.

So that you can start talking to him on the phone as soon as possible.

ways to ask a man to call you

How To Get A Guy To Call You Instead Of Texting

To get a guy to call you instead of texting ask him to call you in a way that is both playful and direct. For example if he texts you a question you can simply reply to him “What a great question! You know, I can talk faster than I can type, call me for the answer…:)”. By asking him to call you in a direct yet playful way it lets him know what your expectations are. While still keeping the mood flirty and open for connection. Which will ensure that when he does call you, that you’ll respond positively to him.

The truth is that men who are interested in a woman want to make her happy and win with her. But they need clear directions from her as to how to do that.

So if you let him know that you’d like him to call you and he’s interested in you. Then he will definitely accommodate your request.

What to say so that he will start calling you.

What To Say To A Guy To Get Him To Call You 

Knowing what to say to a guy to get him to call you is important if you want to get to know him on a deeper level. Because speaking with him on the phone will tell you a whole lot more about who he is than just texting ever will.

It’s also vital if you want to deepen your emotional connection with him. Especially in the early stages of dating.

With recent research out of the The University of Texas at Austin backing that up. In their findings that people feel more deeply connected when they speak to their partner on the phone rather than texting them. 

So with that in mind I’ve got a lot more examples below of how to ask a man to call you. Because well you just never know what the situation will call for and a girl’s gotta have options.

How To Get Him To Call Instead Of Text

How To Get Him To Call Instead Of Text (10 Ways)

1. Tell Him What Your Communication Style Is

As I touched on above men do want to make you happy but they aren’t mind readers. He could be assuming that you’re perfectly happy with only texting. He could be communicating with you the way that his last few girlfriends preferred. He could be nervous or unsure if it’s even ok to call.

Texting is a very one dimensional form or communication which can easily lead to misunderstandings. Which is why it’s really important for you to stop assuming that he should just know to call you. And share with him what your communication style is. As well as, discuss what his is and go from there.

For example you can say to him…

“It’s been fun texting with you but the truth is I’m an old fashioned girl at heart and I really love it when a guy calls me. I’ll be home tonight at 7, I’d love to hear your voice, talk to you then?…:”

 how to ask your crush to call you

2. When He Sends You A Question Text Him Your Request For A Phone Call

To let a guy know that you want him to call you is only a matter of letting him know that’s what you require in order for him to keep communicating with you. I find the easiest and most natural way to do this is when he asks you a question. You reply to him with a request that he calls you for the answer.

To do this use the following example:

“What a great question! You know, I can talk faster than I can type, call me for the answer…:)”

The trick is to make sure that you are actually available to speak at the time. If you’re not you can change it to…

“What a great question! You know, I can talk faster than I can type, call me tonight after 7 for the answer…:)”

Once he learns what your preferred form of communication is the ball is in his court. That’s his cue to stop texting and move the conversation to a phone call. You should also make sure that at that point you stop engaging with him until he calls you.

how do i get him to call me instead of texting

3. Set The Tone From The Beginning 

The last thing you need is a texting buddy, so it’s best to set the tone of what you expect right from the start. 

Here’s what you say… “I love hearing from you, but I’m not a huge texter. I really prefer to get to know someone the old fashioned way with a phone call and then hopefully a date. If that works for you give me a call tonight after 7:30 okay?…:)”

In this example you’re letting him know that you like connecting with him and that you’re interested in knowing more. While at the same time also communicating what your boundaries and expectations are. 

That you aren’t looking for casual texting, or a pen pal. And that you are serious about dating and getting to know him in real life.

The clearer you are from the beginning, the less confusing things will be for you as your relationship develops.

If he calls then great, you know that he’s interested. If he continues to only text you and ignores your requests. Then you know that he’s not looking for anything serious and you can move on.

how do i get him to call me instead of texting

4. Make A Phone Date Via Text

One of the biggest challenges of texting and dating is that texting is quick, and easy. Which makes picking up a phone seem like it takes a lot more effort. Also dating wise it feels much safer emotionally to hide behind a screen rather than connect in real life.

Which means that not only do people rarely call each other. But when someone does reach out and make an effort to call. The other person doesn’t answer their phone most of the time.

Which means that you don’t want to just pick up the phone and call him. Because it will often leave you in game of telephone tag. Ultimately still stuck with more texting, rather than talking.

Instead the best thing to do is to set up a phone date with him. You can do this by offering him two clear options with the best time to talk. For what to say keep reading….

how do i get him to call me instead of texting

What To Text Him To Make Him To Call You

To set up a time to speak. Make a phone date with him by saying to him he following example below.

“It’s been lovely texting with you. I’d like to get to know you more but I find texting isn’t the best way. I’d love to chat with you on the phone. This week I’m free Wednesday or Thursday night at 6:30 or 7:30. Does that work for you? If not when does? **Smiley face emoji**”.

Don’t forget the last part with the two specific times. Because it will help you avoid him responding with a version of “I’ll have to check my schedule and get back to you later this week.” 

Most of the time a text worded this way is effective in actually settling on a day and time. However if he doesn’t confirm or give you a time and yet continues to text you.

That is big red flag that and a sign that he’s not looking for anything serious

how to get a guy to want to facetime you or call you

6. Directly Acknowledge The Situation

Figuring out how to tell a guy that you don’t like texting and that you’d prefer he call you can feel awkward. But it’s simpler than you may think. For exactly what to say to him use the example below…

“I’m really enjoying our conversation but I’d love to actually hear your voice. What do you think about having a phone call and we talk about meeting up in person?” If he says yes. That is when use the opportunity to text him two days and times that work for you and then ask him if that works for him.

You also want to make it clear that he’s the one calling you not the other way around. So end the conversation with a text that communicates that for example say to him:

“Great Tuesday at 7 it is, looking forward to your call! :)”

Work Asking Him To Call Into Your Everyday Conversation

7. Quickly Work Asking Him To Call Into Your Conversation

Another really easy way to get a guy call you is to simply work it into your conversation in a way which shows that’s how you’d prefer to engage. In other orders don’t keep the conversation going by continuing to reply to him over text. Tell him that you want to continue it on the phone.

You can tell him…“Hey, I’m glad that your day is going well. As much as I’m enjoying our convo I’ve gotta go meet a friend. But I’d love to continue this on the phone, call me tomorrow night after 7:30, okay?”

Ask in a way that's bold and playful

8. Ask Him To Call You In A Playful Yet Bold Way

When he texts you a question simply reply “Ohhh great question. Call me for the answer…:)”

It’s both direct and a little bit cute and flirty. Just make sure that if you do send him this one that you’re ready and available to talk. Don’t forget to add the smiley face when sending this type of text. Sometimes it can be hard to translate the tone of the message with out cues like tone of voice and body language. The smiley face will help set the right flirty tone.

9. Pique His Curiosity

If you want him to call you can appeal to his sense of curiosity. By saying something to him that has a little bit of mystery to it. For example…

“The funniest thing happened to me today. Give me a call tonight after 7 and I’ll fill you in…:)”

 how to ask someone to call you

10. How To Get Someone To Call You Without Asking

If you want to get someone to call you without asking, frame your request as a statement rather than a question. For example when a guy sends you another text but you really want him to call you then say to him “You know, I really like hearing from you but I find that texting isn’t the best way to get know someone. It would make me so happy to talk to you over the phone tonight. Besides, I’d love know if your voice is as sexy as I imagine it to be…;)”.

This works because it’s a flirty statement but still clearly let’s him know your preference to speak on the phone with him. If he’s interested he’ll reply that he’d be happy to call you.

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What To Say To A Guy Who Only Texts

What To Say To A Guy Who Only Texts

If he isn’t interested he will only put in the minimum effort that it takes to get your attention and nothing more. Which means that if you ask him to call and he doesn’t call but keeps texting you. Then he’s not interested in anything serious and is most likely stringing you along.

If he ignores your request for a phone call, but still keeps texting and you want to end things.

If you want to know what to say to a guy who only texts and you want to move on from him say to him...“Hey thanks for the text, but I was really hoping to chat with you on the phone and see where things go from there. Texting with you has been fun but I’m not looking for a texting buddy. It’s cool if you are but I’m going to take this as a sign that we’re not aligned and are looking for different things. All the best…:)”

Then cut him off. Don’t keep texting him and block him if need be. Because no matter what he says his efforts are truly are speaking louder than words. 

And you deserve so much more than a guy who is only going to keep wasting your time. 

Why Do Guys Like To Text Instead Of Call

Why Do Guys Like To Text Instead Of Call?

Guys like to text instead of call because they can. Because it’s a quick, easy and efficient way of communicating with you at distance. Some guys like to text more because they aren’t big talkers and prefer to keep it simple until they meet you in person. Some men do it as way to keep you on the hook because they want your attention but aren’t actually serious about dating or having a relationship with you. 

When To Switch From Texting To Calling

When To Switch From Texting To Calling

You should switch from texting to calling and talking on the phone within the first week of exchanging numbers with a guy. While texting can be fun and an easy way to initially connect with a new love interest. It isn’t the best way to determine if you’re actually compatible with someone in real life. If you switch to a phone call as soon as possible you can talk openly and have a meaningful conversation with him. One which that allows you to get to know a guy more. Able to connect with him on a deeper and much more intimate level than texting ever would.

If A Guy Wants To Call You He Will

If A Guy Wants To Call You He Will

Guys do what they want to do. The best way to find out what kind of guy you’re texting with is to ask him to call you. Then see what he does. If a guy wants to call you then he will. If he’s interested he will step up. He will put in the effort and make time to call you. He’ll ask you out and want to meet you in person.

But with the right guy, it won’t feel super hard and like you have to constantly force things with him.

10 Ways To Get Him To Stop Texting And Start Calling You

If a guy is in texting mode and isn’t taking any initiative to move the relationship forward then it’s time for you to. I know some women do feel nervous and want to a guy to call but don’t want to actually ask him too. But honestly there’s nothing wrong with letting a guy know what you want.

In fact studies show that couples who spend time on phone have long lasting and healthier relationships. So it’s important to make sure that you prioritize communication with each other.

You deserve to have the kind of relationship you want and to be able to feel 100% comfortable communicating within that relationship at all times. Right from the beginning. And the right guy will always appreciate that about you.

So know you know how to get a guy to call you instead of texting. And the next time he messages, you’ll be 100% ready and know exactly what to say.



PS. This list also works great if you want to get a guy to FaceTime or video chat with you. Just switch up the wording a bit.


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