Should You Confirm A Date With A Guy? How to confirm a date with a guy without looking desperate or needy.

Should I Confirm A Date With A Guy? (+ Examples)

What to do if you’re wondering “Should I confirm a date with a guy?”. The exact steps to take when a guy makes plans with you but doesn’t confirm the date. Plus exactly what to text him to confirm plans without looking desperate or needy.

Getting asked on a date by a promising new guy is super exciting. All week you find yourself beaming and looking forward to the big day. Then as the days roll by and the date night gets closer and closer concern begins to set in when you still haven’t from him.

You start to wonder if and when he’s going to confirm the date night plans with you. Should you text him or wait? Part of you wants to but you’re not sure if that would chase him away or not. So you wait and wait. Stuck in pre-date limbo.

Then you start to panic and question if there’s going to be a date at all.

If you’re in this situation right now I know it really sucks. It’s also especially tiring and frustrating when you’ve been online dating and on the apps for a while.

It can start to feel like every other guy out there doesn’t seem to follow any set of polite dating customs or traditional dating rules at all! Ultimately leaving you feeling more confused, exhausted and unsure what to do next.

Not to worry that’s were I come in. As a dating coach with several years of experience working with smart single women I’ve got answers for you. 

Today I’m sharing with you exactly what to do to if you’re wondering if you should confirm a date with guy. Plus what to text him as a high value woman to confirm a date. So you don’t look desperate or needy. 

Ok, let’s get into it!

Should I Confirm A Date With A Guy?

Yes, you should absolutely confirm a date with a guy the day before via text message. Keep your message to him simple with a quick text. That asks a question that he will have to reply to. For example to confirm plans you can text him: “Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night. What time are we meeting and where? Girls gotta plan her outfit ya know..;)”.

This simple text will puts the ball in his court so he can confirm all details and reply back to you.

Send this wording even if you already know the logistics of where and when. That way when he replies it’s crystal clear what the plan is. It also works, because besides being direct, the tone is lighthearted and assumes the best.

How to confirm a date with a guy via text.

Do’s & Don’ts Of Confirming A Date Via Text With A Guy

It’s important not to make the confirmation text to him too complicated or long. And you will want to make sure that you are asking him a specific question so that he has to reply to you. For example don’t just say “Looking forward to our date tomorrow see you at 7!”. 

While that may sound like a perfectly reasonable text to send him. And it is. One problem is that he may just “like” the text and not reply with actual words. Which may leave you still unclear and feeling anxious about wether or not your plans are set. 

So make sure you ask a question that requires that he replies back to you. For example: “Looking forward to our date tomorrow night! It looks like I’m going to be running a bit late is 7:15 ok with you?”

I have some other examples of what you can text him to confirm plans down below that will get him to automatically reach out to you the day before, so keep reading!

How To Get A Guy To Confirm A Date With You

If you don’t want to get stuck in this situation in the first place use the technique below that I teach my personal coaching clients to get him to confirm plans with you.

Should I Ask A Guy To Confirm A Date?

Yes, you should ask a guy to confirm a date with you. Many women aren’t used to this idea or they assume that the guy will just automatically know. However, if you’re reading this you’ve probably already realized that it doesn’t always work that way.

However asking a guy to confirm a date with you is very simple. Essentially the best way to do this is to request that the guy texts you the day before your date to confirm plans. During the same conversation that you accept the offer for the date in.

Exactly what to text a guy to get him to confirm a date with you.

What To Say To Get A Guy To Confirm A Date With You (Example #1)

When a guy asks you out make asking him to confirm with you part of the date night plan. For example say to him:

“Yes, Friday at 7 sounds great. Looking forward to it. And just so you know I’m the kinda girl that really appreciates it when a guy confirms the day before. So I’d love it if you could please text me on Thursday so we can confirm logistics. Is that something that you think you can do?”

Perfect example what to text a guy to get him to confirm date plans with you as quickly as possible.

What To Say To Get Him To Text You To Confirm A Date (Example #2)

To get him to confirm plans with you can also text him this reply: “I’d love to, Friday at 7 sounds great. Looking forward to it! And if you could please text me the day before to confirm when and where I’d really appreciate it…:)”

Though these examples may sound a bit formal. They’re not to men. Men tend to use texting for mostly logistics. So being straightforward and direct is actually the best way to communicate your needs to them.

And because men tend to communicate this way they may not realize that what you really want is to connect with him. To feel assured and safe that everything is in place for your date that night. 

If you get into the habit of telling a guy what you want, what will make you happy and let him know why. He’ll be much more likely to follow up with you the night before.

It will also give you some valuable insight as to wether or not he was listening and considering your needs. A very telling sign. 

Should I Text Him To Confirm Plans?

If he forgets that you asked him to confirm. Don’t lose hope! Remember that asking him to text you was a request, not a test. Cut him some slack and reach out and text him anyway. And try to maintain a positive mindset and assume the best.

Having a positive mindset is key to feeling happier and confident during the dating process. Because if the initial texting and FaceTime and/or phone conversation went well enough to lead to him asking you. There’s no immediate reason to think that he’s going to ghost you.

So keep a positive outlook and send him a confirmation text with the mindset that your date is still on and he’s looking forward to seeing you too!

Sometimes people get busy. So it’s better to give him the benefit of the doubt, then to try to make it mean that he’s ghosting or rejecting you.

Chances are likely that as soon as he gets your message he’ll reply back as soon as possible.

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Should A Woman Confirm A Date?

If a woman has a date with a guy she should definitely text him to confirm their date the day before. Of course in a perfect world most women that I work with would prefer that the man confirm plans. However, if he’s asked her out and she still hasn’t heard from him, then it’s perfectly acceptable for her to go ahead and confirm plans as early as the day before.

Should I Text Him To Confirm Our Date Tonight?

If you have a date tonight and he hasn’t texted you to confirm plans yet, then yes, you should go ahead and text him. Ideally between 11AM-2PM. That way he has time to reply and you have time to make any arrangements that you need to.

When Should You Text To Confirm A Date?

The best time to text a guy to confirm a date is between 11AM and 2PM the day before. This gives him more than enough ample time to reply back to you. Texting him the day before also allows you to feel more relaxed getting ready for your date. Fully confident that arrangements are finalized and everything for your big night out is going according to plan.

Should I Double Text To Confirm A Date?

No, do not double text a guy to confirm a date! If you’ve already sent one text about confirming plans and you haven’t heard from him do not send him another text. Not hearing back from him shows that he’s not interested. More importantly it shows you that he does not respect or value you and is no longer worthy of your time, energy or attention. 

Sure he could’ve got hit by a bus, but the truth is that it’s much more likely that he’s playing you and a sign that he doesn’t want a relationship at all. Which means that it’s a clear sign for you to move on to find a guy that will value you for the amazing woman that you are. 

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What To Do If A Guy Doesn’t Confirm A Date?

If you’ve texted him to confirm plans the day before and you still haven’t heard from him by 4PM the next day then you should text him again and cancel the date. Because honestly you deserve better! Everyone is looking at the their phone all day long and it only takes two seconds to reply to a text. Which means that he saw your message and chose to ignore it.

Even if you’re excited about this guy his lack of effort in communicating with you is a huge red flag and a sign that this guy is a player or will only use you until he gets what he wants then disappear.

Essentially, his actions are telling you everything you need to know about who he really is. How he operates in a relationship, his level of maturity and lack of relationship readiness.

He’s basically showing you that he’s not the quality guy and emotionally mature man that you thought he was. So it’s best to move on.

Should You Confirm A Date With A Guy 

If you’ve been wondering “Should I text a guy to confirm our date?”, the answer is a clear YES! It’s ok to reach out to him and confirm a date via text. It’s actually the smart thing to do, because the reality is you don’t really know how reliable this person is yet. So confirming a necessity.

Once you do then you can relax knowing that your date is all set and things are on track for the night to go as smoothly as possible. Plus confirming, gives you another chance to send him a flirty text before meeting him face to face for the first time. Win, win!

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Happy Dating!

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