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4 Romantic Summer Date Ideas For Vancouver

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Summer is a wonderful time of year to explore all the city as to offer with that special someone by your side. Here are 4 romantic summer date ideas for couples in Vancouver:

Festivals & Markets

Its seems as if every year there are more and more festivals and markets to explore.

From food to art to music there is something for everyone. Whether you’ve been a couple for awhile or if it’s a first date, you’ll have lots to see do and talk about.

A couple of notable ones to check out are: Food Cart Fest, Hawkers Market, Shipyards Night Market, Khatsahlano Days, Carfree Days….check your local listing for more ideas.

Cinema Under The Stars

Seriously romantic, pack a picnic, a little wine and cozy up with a blanket under the stars. Make sure you get there early to avoid the crowds! Many smaller local parks will have a weekly showing, two of the large ones to check out are Fresh Air Cinema or Water Front Cinema at Canada Place.

couple at romantic dating in amusement parkThe Fair at the PNE

When the sun goes down, the fair grounds at the PNE, becomes a swirling wonderland of sights, lights and sounds with lots to see and explore you’ll never get bored.

Also mini-doughnuts, which honestly, can a person really ever get enough of those?


The celebration of light, is another great way to create a little chemistry under the stars. Head down early to English Bay for the festivities or for something even more cozy and private, rent a boat and watch from the water in bay. Don’t forget to pack the essentials!


Are you ready to find your summer love?

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