How To Deal With A Break Up Before Valentines Day

Heartbroken? 4 Ways to deal with a break up before Valentine’s Day. Amazing tips, to help you get over (and happily) survive the day.

Being single on Valentine’s Day can feel like a challenge no matter what your current situation or opinions about the day are.

If you’re recently single and V Day is closer than ever?

Having your heart broken open with all that “love” in the air, can make it feel like one of the most emotionally charged times of the year. Especially, when with every corner you turn, you see a constant reminder that you’re not part of a couple anymore.

If you’ve just broken up with someone, it can be hard to get through a regular day. Let alone one, that’s meant to celebrate all things love.

Break ups are never easy, especially if they aren’t mutual. But there are some things that you can do that will help you cope during your difficult time. 

4 Simple Ways To Deal With Your Breakup Before Valentine’s Day

1. Give Yourself Space To Heal

This means taking time out for you.

Crying if you need to, getting out of bed. NOT calling or texting your ex.

Taking things slow, and in general connecting with the fact that a part of your life has ended. But there are still many good things to come for you.

Looking towards the positive and realizing that it’s the breakups in our life that teach us the lessons we need to learn. And are actually the catalyst that eventually leads us to the partner that we’re ultimately meant to be with.

And even though the day may seem all about happy couples now. The truth is Valentines Day and the days leading up to it actually see an increase in break-ups. (1)

Which on a more positive note means, that when you’re ready to date again? There will be an influx of newly single men for you to choose from, into the dating pool as well.

2. Practice The Art Of Letting Go

Forgive your Ex. I know it can sound like a very tall order, but carrying around anger and resentment will only hurt you and prevent you from healing and moving forward. Don’t let the wounds of the past influence who you are now.

Does this mean that in every situation, for example cheating, that you’re saying that what they did was ok? No, it doesn’t!

What it does mean is that you’re letting the negative energy of the past go. So you can make room for something better to come into your life.

“You will find that it is necessary to let things go; simply for the reason that they are heavy.”

3. Make The Day Something To Look Forward To

After a break up, a change of scenery is definitely in order! Plan a Valentine weekend get away with your best girlfriends. Some fun ideas are a weekend ski trip, a wine tour or a spa retreat.

If you can’t get away plan a night in with the girls, and have a silly theme. Such as PJ party or movie marathon. Then order in or cook dinner together, while enjoying a few cocktails. And each other’s company.


4. Show Yourself Some Love and Rediscover Who You Are

A lot of people tend to push themselves to the side when they’re in a relationship. A break up is the perfect time to rediscover who you are. To get to know yourself and your wants and needs better. To put yourself first!

Whatever you’ve been putting off its time to start following your dreams. Open up to new experiences, and get out there. Finally take that trip you’ve been dreaming of, or that painting class you never had time for.

Let yourself be broken wide open in a new way.

A way that only following your happiness and being true to yourself can bring.

Know that as time goes on you will heal. Painful memories will fade and ultimately be replaced with happy ones. Valentine’s day or not, you will come out the other side of your breakup stronger than ever.



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